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I dont want to keep moaning about this but I think it needs to be discussed as it has been quite a while since the mention of the new website but nothing has come out of it as far as I can see. I have always been told that it is in the 'pipeline' but exactly how far along is it?
BWCSL desperatly need a new website as the current one is so old and out-dated it really needs an update, At the moment it seems like Anders is having to update it manually every week and quite often it doesnt get updated for a while and each clan do not know their fixture untill it is announced on IRC about 20mins before the start of the match.
There is alot of good web designers out there amongst the BWCSL community and im sure that quite a few will be willing to help to create a new website as im sure that most clans will agree that it is needed asap.

So Anders, could we have a status on the new website and if it isnt very much or if help is needed then can you let us know please, I know some good designers that will be willing to help out and in my opinion it wouldnt take long to write the code.


Agreed, divisional placings hardly ever get updated, and we never seem to know who we're playing until the night :(

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