The new poll


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Mar 4, 2004
How did you vote?

It's the same poll mythic gave to their players.

I was going to vote 1 first, but I don't want to think of New Frontiers without ToA as support/caster. No fop, art charges and no 100% rp and expensive rp/mcl. No thank you. :(

Why didn't they give a choice of a OF server either 1.69 with artifacts made easier to get, or 1.65 without toa at all? Really would have wanted that.


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Dec 22, 2003
I like the sound of a home invasion server personally but i'd of liked that more with old frontiers.

The 'timered' or range based buffs server will be popular choice but ultimatly pointless, when you can teleport all over the frontier with relative ease you can easily keep yourself 'topped up' still, heck I RvR around HW mostly because I know I can easily get resists and heal proc again at my convieniance.

I'd like a no ToA server but really I want old frontiers back more.

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