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Fledgling Freddie
Jan 9, 2004
Hear ye, hear ye!

The Needle & Thread has recently opened in Dibble's Bridge, Rilan.

We supply leather armour, cloth suits and studded pieces at a low cost. Our merchant carry full sets of 99% quality items of highest armour factor.
Due to the scarse amount of space lower armour aint assigned there. Inquire and we work something out.
Master pieces are added frequently

As a bonus we now also carry lowlevel weapons/shields as my younger brother Fimboldt has decided to work as a weaponsmith. As he improve his skill he will constantly add weapons to our merchant at very cheap prices. Thou there will not be a full assortment you will find items he is skilling up on. The quality will mainly be 95%. Also don't expect anything lower then alloy.

The adress you find below

Our most humble welcome
Dardamein & Fimboldt


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 9, 2004
Our merchant like to keep things in order.

This is basically the system:

Page 1: 99% padded leather (AF 102)
- gloves & boots 65 gold
- helm & leggings 200 gold
- sleeves 135 gold
- breastplate 335 gold
- robe 235 gold

Page 2: 99% reinforced studded (AF 102)
- gloves & boots 100 gold
- helm & legs 350 gold
- sleeves 225 gold
- vest 600 gold

Page 3: 99% doublestitched cloth (AF 51)
- gloves & boots 40 gold
- cap & pants 110 gold
- sleeves 70 gold
- vest 180 gold
- robe 215 gold

Page 4: reserved for any Master Pieces in stock

Page 5: reserved for Fimboldt's level-up weapons

Dardamein & Fimboldt

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