The "lf members" bug, when ya ain't flagging


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Jan 21, 2004
Kinda puzzles me the amount of people not knowing how to remove themself from the group-list tab, when they're appearing on it, despite they ain't looking for more people.

Anyways, this is the way I've found to work, probably is a more simple route. Simply, when your group appears on the list and it ain't supposed to, just click "lf all" (or one of the other options), then "find" and back on "lf none" together with another "find" - and it's fixed.

... afaik, it appears when the previous leader in group has flagged for something, then disbands in one way or another - this puts the tab back to to "lf none" for the group only, despite it still shows up on the list. Altho, I could be wrong, haven't exactly bothered testing it :p


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Jan 5, 2004
Anytime anyone joins or leaves the group - the looking for members resets to not looking on the group leader client. This does not affect the server and you will still appear on the list and get pms.

As suggested above, you fix it by switching to looking for members, then back again to not looking. (only manually changing the flag will ever send a change to the server, anything that causes the setting on your client menu to change automatcally is bugged)

As a rule, when I am a group leader of a full group and I get a pm asking to join, I just assume I'm on the list for whatever reason and toggle lfm on and off. After all, even if someone pms you when they are standing 2 feet away, if they just happened to pm the leader - it's probably because they looked you up on the lfg panel.

Is that feature even used?

Yes. Despite rampant multibox PLing and buffbot soloing some people still use groups.

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