The lands of Locksley (A biography)


Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
On the road towards Castle Excalibur there is a ruined town. Haunted by the tormented souls of the forest, Romans left behind, wanting to defend young Albion against Midgard, in vain. This town is naught now but three ruined buildings, burnt to their walls. These three buildings once made Locksley hall. It was once the lands of Locksley.

Long ago, when the Romans first left Albion to defend their own lands, Locksley hall was fortunate to have Brito-Romano men willing to stay and defend the town against an uncertain future. Albion had enjoyed years of peace and prosperity under the Romans, but it now found itself without defence.

Hibernia and Midgard, incited by their greed, wasted no time in attacking young Albion. Midgard attacked from the north, and Lord Locksley became increasingly concerned. Albion had split into tribal factions, and to Lord Locksley's exasperation the King of Renaris was threatening to annex the town, regardless of the hordes that had now come as far south as the Pennine mountains.

And then the day came. Out of the forest came Midgard and the lands of Locksley were laid waste. Lord Locksley and the last of the Romans died valiantly, as the people of the town fled to renaris, along with the baby son of Lord Locksley, the only heir to the now namesake lands. The survivors made it to Caer Renaris.

Three days later the horde breached Renaris and put the population to the sword.

It was a Thane who saved the baby boy. When asked in later life why he did this, at his show trial, he would only mutter that he was provoked to his course by his God.

Thus it came to pass that the young Loxley (for although the Thane knew the name, spelling in Albion fashion was a different matter) was raised in the lands of Midgard, and this is why, most people say, that he is now so often mistaken for a Norseman, much to his annoyance. So it came to the boy's fourteenth year, and a disaster occured. A Kobold had been captured by the Thane (for at this point the alliance in Midgard had not come to pass) and had dragged him into the center of Fort Atla for a public execution. Desperate, the Kobold screamed aloud, "Don't let him kill me! He is Albion friend! He is enemy, not Kobold! Even now he harbours Britons!" This was Loxley's first encounter with the skills of a Shadowblade, and although the Thane killed the kobold there and then, the people of Atla quickly turned on the Thane. He motioned Loxley to leave, and that was the last Loxley saw of him. Though he was certain what happened.

With nowhere else to go, and with the people of Atla likely to start hunting for him, Loxley joined a raiding ship to Albion the very next day. Once they landed on the coast Loxley deserted the expidition, and with Albion still in chaos, by the time he was 15, Loxley found himself in Cotswold village.
There, like many other Britons, he joined the rallying call of King Arthur.
With no home to go to, in Albion or Midgard, Loxley devoted himself to the army. His one goal was to push the fronteirs northward so that he could rebuild his home and his family in the lands of Locksley.
When King Arthur died, Loxley could no longer see how this would be acheived. He left the army with the title of Unicorn Knight and the nickname, 'The Hooded' given to him by his troops for his secretive nature.
Now an ancient Briton with no home, and no prospect of a home, he has continued his wanderings.

Loxley remembers the days gone by with fondness. The people were better then. More kind. More humoured. The war has worn on them. The war has worn on Loxley. He is not sure whether he can carry on.

His sole hatred is reserved for Shadowblades.

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