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Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by cHodAX, May 3, 2012.

  1. cHodAX

    cHodAX I am a FH squatter

    How the hell is this problem still ongoing after almost 12 months and when we are so close to the Olympic Games? This has been debated in the house of commons on a number of occasions and yet nothing seems to have changed, they cut the Border Force numbers by 10% and then expect them not only to process a ridiculous amount of people on a normal day but 100,000's extra this summer. How the hell have the minister and her junior or the top civil servants managed to dodge the bullet on this one? They have had time to put the problems right and yet there are still massive queues at peak times because only half the border force checkpoints are actually manned.
  2. Gumbo

    Gumbo FH is my second home

    They're on a deliberate go slow. The last time there were strikes it ran a lot more smoothly with managers and people from other departments stepping in to cover. One MP made the point in a home affairs select committee hearing that it was obvious what they were doing, and one person was even on facebook and made her wait whilst he finished before dealing with the queue.

    It's essentially factory work, processing passports and bodies, it's not tackling master criminals and smugglers. We still have customs, these people are just waiting for their machine to go beep when they scan some paperwork. Any monkey could do it. Time to make some examples of people.
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  3. Raven

    Raven Brrrrr!

    Fire them all and replace them with people willing to do the job properly.
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  4. DaGaffer

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    Its one queue in one terminal in one airport. Hardly cause for panic just yet. Personally I've noticed a marked improvement in getting in and out of the UK in the last 12 months or so, Gatwick in particular is WAY faster now, and Manchester and Stanstead both seem easier as well (I tend to avoid Heathrow as terminals 1-4 are hellholes).
  5. Job

    Job The Carl Pilkington of Freddyshouse

    Who cares, londoners are used to it and anyone flying into london had better get used to it, you are entering a city with mind boggling population density, if they increasef the speed by 20 x youd just see massive queues for the taxis and cat parks
  6. cHodAX

    cHodAX I am a FH squatter

    Glad you said that, so again it is piss poor planning, we have had 8 years to fix it and have done nothing. Hell the govenment have had 2 full years since the election, it doesn't take that long to train staff and make minor infrastructure changes.
  7. MrHorus

    MrHorus Part of the furniture

    Shit happens.

    All the many, many days where there are NOT long queues don't make the news.
  8. cHodAX

    cHodAX I am a FH squatter

    According to the news the queues are always there for non-EU nationals, it is a daily occurance.

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