The aybe return opf a old Ml leader


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May 27, 2004
Years have gone and aold Ml leader think of return thought i guess i need to begin anew account on the us Servers as the Eruope no longer working

My name is Shanessa from Excalibur was have alout more alts but most know me as shan is there any mls been hold nowdays or is those dead and whats is sitiation when comes to albs forces on server and is there guilds accept a old player return witch verry rusty on daoc with out be flamed

i start to hope on return sun is look in to the Doac and cost and what is happend as i stopped play when europe servers went down years ago

with abit almost to 300 mls i start to wannt hole more been think along time about it and if the intresst is arround who know i might start to run them again

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