Teusday 22th of March, ML2 raid!!

Discussion in 'Midgard' started by vavires, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. vavires

    vavires Fledgling Freddie

    Lo all,

    its time to hit the hard ball and run another ml2 raid.

    1 thing i wanne press on very hard, BE ON TIME, the raid itself can take some time, so be on tim ei leave exactly at 19.00CET, 18.00GMT
    We meet in stygia, bg is on vaviri 30min before raid

    U need to have done the following steps to come join the raid.(well that is if u wanne complete it :p)

    2.8 is solo, u do not need a key to get there
    2.5 u need the north gate key
    2.7 U need the cellar key

    All this steps will be done on the pre step raid.

    I won't make a single exception for any1 what i have to say now,
    * I will do not a single Pre step during the raid.
    * During the raid, u all have to listen to me and do what i say, if u do this, the raid can go very smoothly. If ppl do not listen during the raid they will be kicked out.

    I hope i c a lot of this theusday( hoping for a 4flg+)

    greets vavires
  2. vavires

    vavires Fledgling Freddie

    Sticky please, thank you :D
  3. Mazzuca

    Mazzuca Fledgling Freddie

    Hi Vav:)

    will b there although I only need ml2-10 this will b my 26th attempt brids keep picking me up as mob is killed:(

    can I say third time lucky:)

    healer lvl50 (Grey Wolves)

  4. Groal

    Groal Fledgling Freddie

    ill be there, hunter and bot (both need credits) and my wife will be there to on her hunter
    see u there :)
  5. Gulag Vilse

    Gulag Vilse Fledgling Freddie

    i will join in whit my pac healer and bb
  6. GimmlyTheDorf

    GimmlyTheDorf Banned

    I be there again with Gimmly + Bot
  7. Ixoth

    Ixoth One of Freddy's beloved

    Count nahkapaska lvl 45 zerker in.
  8. Vonwar

    Vonwar Loyal Freddie


    Very nice initiative, i would like to come with 2 chars, however i doubt i can manage when the raid starts at 19.00 CET, and so will several of my guildies.

    Due to real life stuff, i.e. dinner, dish washing, putting kids to sleep. I can tell you that you would get up to 1 FG more at least, just by letting the raid start 1 hour later, i.e. 20.00 CET. And i mean from my guild alone, im sure others have the same problem, by attending in raids starting at this hour.

    I wish you a good raid.

    Best regards,

    Von War

    GM - Danish Huscarls
  9. Ixoth

    Ixoth One of Freddy's beloved

    Count nahkapaska zerker in (can bring aug shaman bb with me).
  10. vavires

    vavires Fledgling Freddie

    Hello mate

    I understand your situation and I believe everyone does too.
    I have to say this and actually stress this, this can be a very long raid.
    Since I myself and others have to go to work the day after or go to school even, I can't afford the raid to last past midnight.
    Ofc the raid can be done in about 3 hours but if you have done some you know it can also last 5+ hours, all to be seen how well the steps and BG works with me.
    i'm sorry that you and your guildies won't be able to participate but as a rl I have to make decisions.
    I plan on doing the same raid again later with my other chars and maybe I can then try to place it in an afternoon on weekends.

  11. Ixoth

    Ixoth One of Freddy's beloved

    In case of long ML raids, how about doing that particular ML in two parts? Say first few steps in day 1, and rest in day 2.

    Just a suggestion :)
  12. Fab

    Fab Fledgling Freddie

    if i can get the pre done im ther :m00:
  13. brad

    brad Fledgling Freddie

    I will come with my 50 warrior
    RA's MoB 4
    hmm also has a few arties.

    Not much else to say
  14. vavires

    vavires Fledgling Freddie

    Can be easier, but not always logic to do ) if all goes well this wont take so long as many are afraid off, imo betetr do it all in once, i had enough pm's on pre steps off ppla sking to do whole raid lol, can't be bothered with another 50 pm for onlydoing half a raid a day, and besides ixoth m8, there are only soless days left to hold raids :(

    but tx for the tip :)
  15. Wholdar

    Wholdar One of Freddy's beloved


    Nice initiative. =)

    Just a note - Thorild is running a Erinys Charm-raid to help the Realm every Tuesday and Saturday (see sticky thread in this forum). On Tuesdays these raids start at 19 CET, and Saturdays 14 CET. The raid takes roughly 1 hour. We usually need quite good numbers to succeed at these raids.

    I would appriciate if we can try to not schedule ML-raids during these hours, since that would cut down the attendence of the Erinys Charm-raid. =)

    Just a friendly suggestion, helps us all. =)


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