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Discussion in 'Terran Republic' started by GregorFlambasto, Jun 3, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    Was spoiled whilst a VS by being in Sov Guard but hated the zap zap of the barbie/my little pony VS weapons. Would like to join an outfit of friendly players who are online often and play the game for fun. Am currently br7 soon to be 8.

  2. [PS]Venom

    [PS]Venom Guest


    Perhaps you could have told me you were leaving? Which was your character name, so I know who we've lost.
  3. Err I did tell Silverhood and I think it was Angel the night I left, the other person replied I'd be off their xmas card list :) . My character name was Greg. I explained why I was leaving also. Apologies for any grief this has caused.
  4. How anyone can stand running around like sissies in pink outfits and wielding pathetic buzzer-weapon beyond me! Glad to see you've come to your senses and left your traitorus ways behind. You could probably join the Republican Guard, send me, "MadMedic", or "Longshot" (The crazy yank thats our leader) a pm and we'll sort you out.

    Loyalty till death! Long live the Republic!
  5. Provided you play on Werner that is.
  6. [PS]Venom

    [PS]Venom Guest


    Sorry greg, no trouble caused. I apologise if my tone wasn't pleasant :)

    Hope you like terran better than Vanu.. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea :)
  7. You got any more room in the outfit? I just moved to TR, the names misfire. I was in a squad with longshot earlier he kept crashing the galaxies :p.
  8. NP's Venom you have a great outfit there with all
    players within being a credit to you. Just couldnt take the nerfblasters anymore :)
  9. Lol, the crazed yank strikes again! He used to pilot reavers which he also crashed left and right heheheh. Now hes "respecced" into galaxies? God save us all! :p

    I'm sure theres room for you as well, just send him a tell. :) We need more blithering idiots in our guild, one can never have too many of those!
  10. Horrah for idiots!
  11. LOL, I just noticed I called my outfit leader "longshot"... Thats not right his name is "Longpatrol" we just call him "Long". Erk, bad mistake... Sorry to anyone who has tried to contact the wrong guy!
  12. Republican Guards? As in ones that their name changed?
  13. "Republican Guard" on Werner yes.

    (Not sure I understand your question, maybe because I'm Norwegian or because daft or quite possibly because I'm both! =p)

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