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  1. Calaen

    Calaen I am a massive cock who isn't firing atm!

    So Britain gets its first grand slam winner for 20 years.

    Well done to Jamie Murray. Anyone else watch the game?
  2. throdgrain

    throdgrain FH is my second home

    What game?
  3. Calaen

    Calaen I am a massive cock who isn't firing atm!

    The Final last night you nub :p
  4. throdgrain

    throdgrain FH is my second home

    Oh gotyer :D
  5. TdC

    TdC Trem's hunky sex love muffin Staff member Moderator

    I watched some BF2142 last night!
  6. dysfunction

    dysfunction FH is my second home

    It was a doubles match ffs! Its not like he did it all on his own!
    In fact i think his partner did all the real work...
  7. Frizz

    Frizz Can't get enough of FH

    To be honest, doubles is boring as fuck. A place for those who either couldn't hack it in the singles game, or just got too old for it (Hello McEnroe).
  8. Calaen

    Calaen I am a massive cock who isn't firing atm!

    See if they are not built up by the press to then fail they get no praise. Doubles or not there are some very good players on the doubles circuit and the lad deserves praise, if it was that easy to win we would not have been waiting 20 years to do so.

    If you had of watched any of the previous rounds, Murray was actually the dominant force. Jankovic doubles play at the net was very questionable. She played very well in the final set though, but that is what doubles is about, having a team mate that does the thing you do not do as good.
  9. Calaen

    Calaen I am a massive cock who isn't firing atm!

    Yeah cause Bjorkman is shit at singles.
  10. dysfunction

    dysfunction FH is my second home

    I don't pay much attention to what the press think about sports people.
    They were saying Hamilton had to settle for 3rd place in the GP ffs! He's a remarkable driver but nobody is 100% perfect. 3rd place after making a slight pit error is damn good if you ask me. Its definitely not settling!!

    No its just that Britain hasn't developed any tennis stars...
  11. Calaen

    Calaen I am a massive cock who isn't firing atm!

    The pit stop had nothing to do with it though, Ferrari were better on the day.

    The Murray brothers are something to look forward to though and doubles or not its a Grand Slam title.
  12. Frizz

    Frizz Can't get enough of FH

    Legend (Singles)
    Grand Slam (0)
    Tennis Masters Cup (0)
    ATP Masters Series (0)
    ATP Tour (6)
    ITF Titles (3)

    edit:// Not shit, but not exactly stellar, either.
  13. Calaen

    Calaen I am a massive cock who isn't firing atm!

    I know what you were saying, the guy is 35 now or something as well.

    I just think its a nice start to his career, to win a grand slam in his first attempt at mixed doubles.
  14. dysfunction

    dysfunction FH is my second home

    No but the pit stop was a symptom of the day he was having...
  15. Calaen

    Calaen I am a massive cock who isn't firing atm!

    He lost 2 seconds mate, he could have got out 4 seconds earlier and it would have meant nothing. Ron Dennis said they made a lot of mistakes with the tires and tactics all weekend. I think the important thing is he maximised his points after Alonso and Raiki, he drove ok the car was just off the pace.
  16. dysfunction

    dysfunction FH is my second home

    Which part of "symptom" did you not understand? :p
  17. Calaen

    Calaen I am a massive cock who isn't firing atm!

    Nah people are just trying to find an excuse, there wasnt one, he was out drove and Ferrari out thought Mclaren.
  18. Gamah

    Gamah Banned

    Britain has a losing culture, we never win everything, hence all the football supporters spout on about 66' all the time like it's something to be proud of the fuck tards.
  19. Dukat

    Dukat Resident Freddy

    I hate it when people say things like this, I know what you mean in a way, but ffs, it just sounds so defeatist.

    We've got a great culture, not at all something I'd consider a "losing culture". We support our teams well and although we dont always come out on top, we've got a bloody good track record compared to some countries.
  20. Gumbo

    Gumbo Resident Freddy

    Agreed, but we are in danger of taking the 'winning' out of everything, whereas other countries promote it so strongly. A friend's 8 year old attended a non-competitive sports day the other day.... Look at the winning culture they have in Australia. I don't believe their cricket team was so successful for so long just because they had a few good players. It was just the absolute, and complete belief that they would win every game. Contrast that with the feeling from England cricket over the same period which was more a case of, 'first don't lose, if we can just about scrape the draw, you never know, a win might be possible.' When we did win the Ashes, for one summer, that style was replaced with a belief that we were good enough and could win. That has since proven to be unsustainable in England cricket, and we're back where we were again.

    Whilst I'm ranting on sport...

    If you want to see how we as a country can build a great team, read Clive Woodwards book covering his time with England Rugby culminating with the World Cup, and contrast that with the approach of England football.

    England Rugby did not have the strongest set of players at the time, but they had decent players (just like England Football). The difference though was the amazingly meticulous preparation put into the national side, and the players and clubs desire to see England do the best that it could. This even went as far as England having first refusal on the players for games and training, over the clubs. (Rooney having a slightly sore ankle for an international on a Wednesday, but playing 90 minutes for Man Utd on the Saturday anyone?).

    Every friendly was treated as if it was a full, important international. The strongest side possible was fielded, there was no, 'giving a youngster a run out', no wholesale substitutions at half time, no simply playing a friendly to add money to the RFU's coffers. Each game meant something. Yes, some games were won with ridiculous scores, but it got the players in the habit of scoring, and more importantly winning. It also gave the players the chance to play together for long long periods. Not 45 minutes, and then taken off because 45 minutes was all the club would allow you and a whole new set of players brought on at half time.

    There's a huge amount of things mentioned in the book, and a load which didn't go in because it was still secret to England rugby when the book went to print, but the attention to detail is amazing. On the coach on the way to the ground for each match, each player was given a cd and cd player. On that cd was information about their opposite numbers. This had been covered in the week leading up to the match in training, but it was reiterated on the cd. Is the player left or right handed, do they kick left or right footed, when they sidestep, do they tend to push off the left or right foot, where do they tend to stand for kick offs, etc, etc, etc.

    England Rugby in 2003 did not have the best players in the world, but they won the world cup by setting out to want to win, and doing everything it took to do that.

    Other English teams will win nothing until they have that same approach.

    Many other countries have that approach and that ethos, and it's built in from early childhood. Life has winners and losers in all areas, but we, as a country, seem to be afraid of that concept now. I love all sport, but I fear it's going to be a long long time before I see success on a national scale again for English or British teams.
  21. JingleBells

    JingleBells FH is my second home

    We won the ashes thanks to Glenn McGrath's ankle and the weather tbh :)
    Rugby clubs are nowhere near as powerful as football clubs though, the RFU is able to almost dictate when players can play for their clubs almost to an extent whereby they have a "central contract" (which incidentally the RFU want, similar to what the ECB have with Englands cricketers). In football on the other had, the clubs wield the power, and if they continue to get their way will ask countries to pay the club for players on international duty, which would bankrupt most african and south american countries.

    Also, Clive Woodward was an excellent thinker, leaving the traditional coaching duties to his coaches and thinking tactically, compiling reports etc. I've heard that Arsene Whinger is a similar person (his nickname is the Professor), doing research on every aspect of his opponents.

    As for friendlies, I would much rather everyone discover that Michael Ricketts is shit in a friendly vs Holland than in a qualifier vs Turkey, the manager needs to have a chance to test new blood without worrying about fuckups and the like.

    As for tennis, you're right we congratulate players for playing well even though they don't win, which seems to bring a mentality of "not to worry, at least I tried my best", Americans and Australians both have a mentality where they HAVE to win, which IMO is the way it should be.
  22. gunner440

    gunner440 Hey Daddy Altman

    Problem is that people's views and opinions are influenced by The Sun. Not even worth using it as toilet paper.
  23. Gumbo

    Gumbo Resident Freddy

    You're reinforcing my points exactly JingleBells. As long as the football clubs hold that power, England will not be a force in international football, and will continue to dissapoint.

    And the point on trying players in friendlies. Clive didn't need to. His view was that if a player is good enough to play for England then he will play for England. A player doesn't suddenly get better when he pulls on the shirt. Therefore he played the best team that England could field for every game, even against minnows. The Ricketts analogy wouldn't have occurred, because a Rooney wouldn't have been allowed to feign an injury, allowing a Sven to 'use the opportunity' to blood new players.
  24. DaGaffer

    DaGaffer Down With That Sorta Thing

    Its impossible to compare Rugby international selection to football, especially in Europe. The international game has far more relative importance in Rugby than in football, plus, you're selecting from a smaller pool of talent. The wishes of football clubs are understandably going to take precedence over the national side; they're footing the bill and they're often answerable to shareholders. This isn't just an English problem; witness the likes of Kaka and Ronaldinho not going to the Copa America; a few years ago it would have been unthinkable for a Brazilian to turn down the honour of wearing a national shirt; now two of the best players in the world have done it.

    England isn't unique, but a Clive Woodward approach isn't the answer. What's needed is fewer club games and a manager of the non-donkey variety. We're not going to get the former, but sure the latter isn't beyond us?
  25. Calaen

    Calaen I am a massive cock who isn't firing atm!

    Unfortunately the FA will never employ a manager that is not a donkey, they like people that just shake their head and say yes. They must also have the ability to repeat the phrases about the players wanting to win and of course the one after the match when he tells us that there were positives to take out of another game in which we have lost and played totally shit.

    The FA will never employ someone who is outspoken, Brian Clough is a perfect example, they could never have someone tell everyone how shit the FA is being run.
  26. Calaen

    Calaen I am a massive cock who isn't firing atm!

    But when they do win something you get the well its only the mixed doubles. At the end of the day its a Grand Slam for the lad, and that can only be good for the youngsters getting into the sport to see a young Scottish lad getting the trophy.
  27. JingleBells

    JingleBells FH is my second home

    Jamie Murray is a doubles specialist so I hope he can be as successful as people like the Woody's who were probably the best doubles players of the 90s, we also tend to suck at the Davis Cup doubles rubber, so at least with one specialist we can win 1 game in each Davis Cup match :)

    All we need really is Andy Murray to not keep getting injured and we can use both Murrays to win every Davis Cup tie :D
  28. Calaen

    Calaen I am a massive cock who isn't firing atm!

    And the Olympics ::)

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