Tale of the Shadowblade

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Dec 22, 2003
An apparantely lonely Shadowblade was scouting the ramp south of Occasus' Bridge close to Caer Benowyc looking for COCKroaches she could bite the head off.
"Mmmm tasty tasty COCKroaches" the shadowblade said.

A norse hunter from a nearby bridge tower shouted to her:
"Traj sucking onn it først, before ju bajt det hedd off"

Then suddenly with a swish the shadowblade woke up from her COCKroachSUCKING trance he saw a fiery blade of red steel dig into her shoulder.

"Bloody freshman treehugger" the shadowblade mumbled to herself while grabbing for her ice cold weapons.

The fierce Shar Ranger had but of only one task given by the Hastener of Druim Ligen. Find and kill the assassins around Occasus' bridge.

Now the fight was getting intense, the apparantely "noob" Brehon hit the shadowblade again and again fiercer than ever, making the might of the fiery weapons burn her skin and hair.
But aha! The glow and shudder of her ancient artifact, Malice's Axe pulled from the fiery ass of Malamis, could of only mean one thing. Her malice was complete.
She felt the battle was won! It was common around shadowblades to predict the death of an opponent as an "i win" situation when the malice was complete.

Suddenly the Ranger seemed much stronger, it seemed like she ignored the pain that was unleashed upon her...!
Only one thing jumped into the shadowblades mind at that point.

Then she started walking sideways...

"Help!" the shadowblade screamed, walking sideways as a nifty trick called by the silly god Mythic as "working as intended m8s".

The Ranger was in bodycontact with the shadowblade but yet, she was out of view!
Then suddenly all was black.
An arrow pierced into the Ranger's spinal cord from the back. A seasoned Hunter, a Flammen Herra had gotten her.

5 mid stealthers around beno at 11am, ofc buttloving eachother, fucking twats. Enjoy the shitty rps you get cockwankers.


Loyal Freddie
Jul 11, 2004
lol nice little story

ps:dont get mad when u get adds go back and try again adds might be gone :)


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 19, 2004
Im happy to hand you your ass if I find you solo or more to the point if 5 mids are not close behind me.

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