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Obvious stuff, I know, but there are plenty of players out there who don't yet know this.

1.) Once a base is hacked, no enemy players can spawn there and terminals cannot be used. So get the hack in quick. And once the timer is ticking, make sure it stays ticking and defend the command console.

2.) Only those bases linked to by one of your bases (via the lattice) can be hacked, UNLESS the base is drained of power and has turned green (NOT the same thing as the generator being destroyed).

3.) The only reason to destroy a gen is to stop the enemy using their terms/respawning. Its a valid tactic to do when you are trying to do the hack, but once the hack is done there is no point in killing the gen.

Let's state that last one again, as an awful lot of people don't understand this: You're doing NO GOOD AT ALL shooting up the generator once the hack has started. If you don't know whether the hack has started and don't want to ask, check the map - a little flag in the centre of a base shows that it is under hack (and the colour of the flag tells you which empire is doing the hacking).


Good points to make. Let's hope people read this and stop killing the generator unnecessarily.

More often than not, once we have a hack on, someone will have a go, and everyone will get that "The generator of this facility is under attack" or whatever the exact wording is, and sigh.. :)


thank god for that, it's not just me then who keeps asking why the hell we keep destrying terms/bays and the generator in bases we are hacking.

It's so annoying when we have a base hacked, were defending and need bays/terms for reloading and so on and the buggers don't work.

Btw, lo ViscountC matey ;)

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An engineer can repair them I believe... but still.


Shame i cant run generators over with my tank.

UKD Straw Dog

Don't humour him he'll think you're being friendly, you know they launched a website in his honour friendsunited.co.uk for those people who never had any in the first place.


iirc they changed it so you can still respawn at a hacked base, making spawn camping all the more important.

Sarum TheBlack

They did, not that spawning in a base that's swarming with very bored players like most hacked bases are will do you much good. Important to guard spawn tubes in smaller assults though.


Spawning in a base to have 15 Jackhammer wielding grunts smiling at you has led to alot of money being placed in the swear jar.

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