Succesful Mission!!!!1!!! (almost)

Discussion in 'Lock On: Modern Air Combat' started by Gumbo, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. Gumbo

    Gumbo Guest

    So, I finally nail all the targets in a mission. The first in the A-10 campaign.

    I flew in low and fast, popped up and nailed the Shilkas from range with my Mavericks, diving away low and fast after each run, just like they show you in the training missions.

    Once the AAA is dealt with I circle lazily around and line up some of the armour to nail with my Mk20's, perfect hits and just some cleaning up to do with the cannon, when my RWR starts going mental and I look to the East and see two MiG 29's bearing down on me and my wingman.

    Luckily a friendly Falcon is there to nail both of them before they get close enough to loose off any missiles at me.

    So back on the cannon to clean up the remaining infantry and armour. Lots of practice has made me a lot more accurate now, and that coupled with zooming right into the hud makes an enourmous difference. 2 minutes and 4 passes later and we're heading for home.

    It seems a longer flight back then it was out, but before long we're descending right on the glide path flaps set, wheels down, and looking good. Touchdown just beyond the numbers and extend the airbrakes.speed bleeding off nicely when BANG!

    F**cking wingman just drove into me....

    Aaaah well, one more go.

    I love this game.
  2. Heh, Don't be giving Cdr anymore ideas about crashing into his wingmen.
    All three of us lined up nicely on the runway, he shouts full power over TeamSpeak and we are off...... except someone isn't at full power so when i start to over take him my wing clips his and, BANG.

    Squirrel somehow makes it out alive while what is left of our planes sits smoldering on the tarmac :(

    Morale? Never let Cdr lead :(
  3. Cdr

    Cdr Guest

    You were my wingman, and as such, you had to make the adjustments not to crash into me :p

    You pulled up into me :)
  4. I was actually banking away madly to try and not hit you. But as we had only just left the runway it stalled and spiralled into you :(

    Fullpower next time eh? :D
  5. Cdr

    Cdr Guest

    I was on full power, but my climb rate was obviously higher than yours which means less speed.

    Its the wingman's job to avoid collisions, not the lead :D
  6. Pfft, who wants to be a flyboy anyway :eek:
  7. Cdr

    Cdr Guest

    hehe true

    Still - YOUR FAULT!!!!111 OMG HAX!

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