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Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Sauruman, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. Sauruman

    Sauruman Loyal Freddie

    I had a problem on the VISA card i use, so i had to cancel it. For my unhapiness it was cancelled before i could pay my sub. Now i go to the sub page and i clicked to pay, wrote down new credit card and etc. And it says for loads of times, that a invoice is currently in process, than it doesn't renew my sub. Just continues on saying this. And pls fix this lousy page, coz me getting to a page back, makes another invoice being in process. Would like to know how can i solve this.
  2. Animal

    Animal Fledgling Freddie

    I had this when i made a mistake with one fo my cards , sometimes it can take upto 12hours ( no idea why ) for the invoice to clear .

    I suggest leaving it for a few hours , then going back and trying again , if it still shows as " invoice in progress " where you select your subs , leave it a while longer . Give it upto 12hours .
    If still no joy , i'd contact GOA through email at subscription(at)goa(dot)com and see if they can give you any help
  3. Sauruman

    Sauruman Loyal Freddie

    Tbh is the stupidiest system i've ever seen. Maybe they want people to get pissed off, so they choose the year payment. Nerf this :\ Another problem i have, is that i changed ISP, and the mail i used before was of the old ISP, so now i can't change the mail in my sub, to my current, coz i can't access the other to accept the change. Another stupid scheme, and seems i'll have to contact GoA to fix this too :\
  4. Sauruman

    Sauruman Loyal Freddie

    Seems they won't let me play this weekend :\ Still get the invoice message.
  5. IainC

    IainC English WAR Community Manager

    There's nothing we can do to clear it - it's an anti-fraud measure and it clears automatically after a few hours. You should clear your cache and try again a little later, that should sort it out.

    The reason we send a confirmation email to your old email address when you try to change it is because otherwise, someone who managed to get your subs password could steal your account from you - change email address to their own and get new passwords sent effectively locking you out totally. This is why we always recommend that you keep your personal details up to date and don't use fake ones.
  6. skunksmoka

    skunksmoka Fledgling Freddie

    it seems to clear about 11-12 o'clock at night
  7. Sauruman

    Sauruman Loyal Freddie

    So how can i change to my new mail now ? I was on holidays when this happened, coz my other ISP was pretty strange :\ But pressing backwards, still makes a invoice, its pretty strange.
  8. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin It's my birthday today!

    if you contact they can help you change your emails if you're unable to get to your old one. However, you need to provide a lot more details though than just an email address/login.
  9. Sauruman

    Sauruman Loyal Freddie

    Did what u said about the cache, and now after almost 21 hours, still get that gay message about the Invoice :\
  10. Sauruman

    Sauruman Loyal Freddie

    Fresh news, the invoice message disappeared, so i could pay the sub, after paying andd saying, order successfuly paid or something like that. Got again the invoice message and it still says i Don't have a valid subscription. Is this usual, or i need to go to GoA personally, to treat this matter? :O
  11. Sauruman

    Sauruman Loyal Freddie

    Before midnight i payed, and entered my acc :p After midnight i logged, so i would go and play in another server, and it says account down :\ Oh boy, GoA FIX YOUR SOFTWARE. Now that i really payed, and u're not offering the service, this can lead to some problems :\
  12. IainC

    IainC English WAR Community Manager

    It takes a short while (half an hour to an hour) before the subs database sychronises with the game database. You therefore need to wait a few minutes after paying before you can login.
  13. Sauruman

    Sauruman Loyal Freddie

    Working now =) But strange, coz before midnight i could play, but than i logged and couldn't :\
  14. Devaster

    Devaster Fledgling Freddie

    Failed payments are cleared once per day - 24.00 French time.
    And tbh i dont think anyone would try to fraud an requiring service like online game, if the payment happens to be chargebacked u risk to get acc terminated not just closed for billing update. So this anti fraud messury is overrated. Nobody will try to pay his own account with a stolen credit card, atleast nobody whos inteligence is abit higher then a monkey.

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