Stuff to sell in HIB housing lot 3358

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vukod, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. Vukod

    Vukod Fledgling Freddie

    Tuscarian Oracle Vest (Shammy)
    Rigid Razorback Sleeves ( Bard )
    Purple Dragon Crystal
    2x MP Arcanium heavy bladed claws (Savage stuff)
    Seething Frostbound Swordz
    Axe of Icy Deathz
    Agmundir's Foe Hammer
    Nokkvi's Mauler
    2x Dragon-shadow Hammerz
    Agmundr's Foe Slayer
    Empyrean Bonewalker Staff (Bonedancer)
    3x Tuscarian Nifl-tethered Staff
    Icy War Spear
    Brittle Bone Boots
    Runed Tuscarian Boots
    Soul-scarred Boots
    Tuscarian Clan Boots
    2x Foe Hammer's Crown
    Tuscarian Discordant Crown
    MP Tempered padded cruaigh helm ( hib leather )
    Also some prince stuff

    U can send me IG if u are interested to buy Sapphire or Diamond Seals
    U can check stats of TG stuff HERE

    Also im interested to trade that kind of stuff to Mid/Excal
  2. Arcee

    Arcee Loyal Freddie

    ill go check them out now :)
    Im currently looking for a Dragon-Shadow Great Axe. Give me a shout if you ever get one in-stock.

  3. Arcee

    Arcee Loyal Freddie

    You have some nice stuff there, i was going to buy the Axe of Icy Death, but the damn thing hasn't got a proc on it! Ah well, i will continue my search for the Dragon-shadow axe. :)
  4. Vukod

    Vukod Fledgling Freddie

    ^^ Good luck searching :kissit: :)

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