Stuck at Login server, cant connect


Fledgling Freddie
Jun 5, 2004

me again. Yet again I have problems connecting to any european server.
I cant connect to excal or any other, simply because I actually never make it to the server sellection part.
I get stuck at the loading part, ie. type in login and password....then nothing happens, its like its loading but I am not getting anywhere.
I tried with bb pc, Same shit. Tried install it on my roomies pc, same thing.

If you look below, you see that the 6th and 7th hop have same IP.
Thats the problem? Loop?
I dont know mcuh about this stuff so plz help out. Been like this a whole day now.

6 297 1 0.3 11 892 28 []
7 1663 2 0.1 10 866 25 []

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