Strange Bedfellows Part 3


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Dec 27, 2003
"Ugggnnnnnn" moaned jeros as he came around, "take it easy pal you have been in a coma for days" said a blurred figure infrount of him as he opened his eyes "good work hendel" said a voice that was unmitakeably Delfinas, jero s eyes began to focus and then he saw hendel, a large fireblog looking down no him he blinked and looked over to were Delfinas voice had come from, there was a fully healed delfina in the most pretty white dress you would ever see, jeros realised he was in a square room of stone and as he looked around he noticed a candelstick on the table next to the comfey bed he found himself in.

Acting on instict he grabbed the candle and smacked the firblog over the head as hard as he could (although this mearly stunned the massive firlbog) and spun out of bed and pointed the candelstick at Delfina, Delfina frowned and said "dont drip wax on this new dress i just got it.... you ok hendel?" "im fine" replied hendal and jeros span around to see the massive firblog baring down on him once again, "some thanks for saving your life highlander!" he said and with one brisk smack of his hand he smacked the candelstick out of jeros hand and it smashed against the wall with a clang and the candel broke and fell to the floor in a warm mess.

"for the light!" yelled jeros "just kill me if your going to" and he sat down on the floor and stared at the wall, Delfina sighed and knelt down to jeros and said in a very soothing voice "ok i will explain, hendel off with you now, thanks for your help", the firblog mumbled and rubbed his head, glared at jeros and opened the door and walked out, the door closed with a click and Delfina helped jeros up onto the bed, "i will start at the beggining" said Delfina, "you are in Tir na nog" these four words alone sent jeros mind reeling and it was at that point that he decided that he would never again see camelot or ludlow or scilent ever again.

"you and i are could up in a poltical game" said Delfina, "what else is new" said jeros "this whole dam war is a politcal game", Delfina nodded and said "we can end it", jeros said almost in a split secound "HOW?", Delfina smiled and said, "by having a child who is half celt and half highlander", there was a VERY long pause and jeros just stared and stared at Deflinas wide open blue eyes, eventully he managed to splutter out "a child", Delfina turned a mirror and started at herself in it, "this war has cost us all greatly, my mother was a eldrich and she went to fight but was killed....she powerful too you know, you see she spent a lot of time in the frountiers and one day she took pity on a perticuerly wounded highlander who had been ambused by those infernal midguardains , and she spared his life, she dragged him back to her shack and intented to tend to his wounds and then stun him and dump him near the albion portal keep...but...he awoke before she had the chance".

Delfina looked deeply into her own reflection "And for some reason she took a shine to him, he taught her english and then against all laws of reason the fell in love, one day the midguardians found and attacked her shack, she and her highlander husband killed all the midguard warriors but not before the highlander was fatally wounded, his dying breath was that he lover her and all her life she told me that the albions were a great people as we are and that we should ally ourselfs with them, she told me that untill the day she died at the hands of the midguardians, so naturally when the king sujjested a plan of a albion/hiberian crossbreed to show our races need not be enemies, i leaped at the chance"

Jeros just sat and said nothing absorbing the infomation he had just been given for 30 secounds or so and eventully said "so your half highlander? i assume the highlander is your father?", "NO" said Delfina "i was ophaned at a young age and the women who i called my mother took me in and raised her as her own", "but enough of this!!!!!" said Delfina, she fiddled with somthing at the back of her dress and it fell off, and she stood naked in fround of jeros and closed her eyes and said "do with me what you will".

Jeros was shocked and said "Delfina, listen , you must understand that this is all VERY confusing to me, one minute i am hunting you down and then you are saving my life and then you bring me here to the hiberinan capitol city and tell me that we must have a child to make peace between our realms and then you proceed to take your cloths off......i am disressed to say the least, now put your dress back on and lets talk about this whole affiar more, "as you wish" said Delfina.
Jeros began "right ok first things first, i am Jeros Plainswalker highlander minstrel of albion and it would seem that i am also your prisinor....."
Deflina rose up and sauluted "Delfina KeenBlade celtic chapion and defender of hiberina"

and so Delfina and Jeros talked well into the night, two sworn enemies talking politly to each other (not that jeros felt he had much of a choice), it was the start of somthing big....

Part 4 coming soon


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 15, 2004
OMFG gifv more dirty details, and atleast part 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 :D
im reading at work so keep up the good work

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