Strange bedfellows part 1

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  1. Jeros

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    note before i begin, Jeros is my mincer on excal and who the story is based around, i dint rip of orgins :D

    Jeros Plainswalker stood on the portal pad at castle suavage tapping his foot, "hurry up mate visur will be here any secound", "all done" said scilent and handed jeros his jambiya, "wow thanks, as sharp as it was when it was made thanks mate" scilent smiled and nodded "good luck" he said as master visur began his incantations.
    Jeros was a tall highlander minstrel who after 50 seasons of training and adventuring, set out to defend the home land he loved so much.
    Scilent Blade was a saracen infiltrator who had been friends with jeros since he was a rouge killing cutpurses around ludlow, he had helped jeros with advice and money through the years (and often weapons as he was a weapon crafter)

    "About time" said Alcione hawk (a mercenary and Drakan Templars guidmaster) as jeros walked through the doors at the emain portal keep. "sorry to keep you guys waiting" said jeros to the gathering of Drakan Templars guild members, "lets move" said alcione.
    The Drakan Templars were a small but rapidly growing guild and wore grey and white with there drake symbol on there cloaks and shields and blue and black on there armour.
    Jeros played a song and suddenly him and his group members felt as light as a feather and ran into emain at great speed, Almost instatly after passing the mile gate him and his group was mezmerised and a group of midguard warriors charged at them.
    However they were not too bright as Runemaster casting a wide radius spell knocked them to there senses, jeros acted instalty he began chanting and a protective shield of magic surround his group members and he hefted his shield up and took out his jambiya and began slashing at the midguard warriors
    After a long battle and much shouting and running around the Drakan Templars emerged the victors "nice work lads" cheered Alcione, Jeros smiled and surveyed the corpses of the midguardians, "another day on the killing fields i suppo...." his smile dissapeard, "jeros?" said Dukat a paladin.
    Jeros took a deep breath and yelled "INCOMING BEHIND YOU!" the group spun around in time to see a huge mass of hibernians bearing down on them! "Hold your ground" said alcione as certain death approched, "CHARGE" yelled a voice from behind, jeros turned around as a also very large mass of albions ran through the mile gate door the albions and hiberians clashed in a almighty pitched battle that seemed to last forever, eventully the hiberians were defeated however few albions remained, and out of the corner of his eye jeros saw a female celt run into some trees, "Shes wont get away!" he thought and pulled his jambiya out of a lurikeen ranger he had just killed and ran after her.
  2. Alcione

    Alcione Loyal Freddie

    Never knew I had the sort of calm cool nerve to say something as remotely brave and inspiring as ""Hold your ground" .

    Its normally more along the lines of stop bunching up you muppets and were the hell has that mincer run off to now ;)

    Good story though mate
  3. Jeros

    Jeros Part of the furniture

    cheers boss, gonna post part 2 in a sec
  4. Dukat

    Dukat Resident Freddy

    :D im in there :D thats me, me i tells ye me!

    :clap: uber story m8 :clap:

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