Stout n Sturdy - Order (recruiting all races)


Fledgling Freddie
Jul 15, 2008
Who or what are we?

Stout n Sturdy is a European guild based on the Burlok server, suitable for those who would consider themselves mature and that are looking for a casual environment offering everything fun and enjoyable in Warhammer Online.

Our age range is from 16 – 111 with most members being 25+ and the vast majority being over the age of 21. Our total age combined dwarfs that of many other guilds!

We are humble folk, many coming from Lord of the Rings Online, some from World of Warcraft and a few from other places, together we are Stout n Sturdy

How can I become a Stoutie? (all races accepted)

Before you become SnS, make sure you can answer YES to at least two of the following questions:

* Do you wear slippers?
* Do you wear pyjamas? (ones with cartoons on don't count.)
* Do you look in the mirror everyday and see new wrinkles, grey hair or hair growing where it shouldn't / hair not growing where it should?
* Do you have children?
* Are you expecting to become a parent within the next four years?
* Do people phone you at 9pm and ask "I'm sorry, did I wake you?"
* Do you turn the lights out for economic rather than romantic reasons?
* Do you often feel like the morning after when you haven't been anywhere?
* Do you remember Roland Rat?

There is an application procedure; take a visit to our forums and everything should become clear to you. If not, feel free to ask! We're a friendly bunch really.

Wot about being Sturdy?

We regularly join each other on events, whether they are PvE or RvR orientated. We prefer people who think of their guild kin before the greed of the Auction House, and we welcome people from all over Europe (the common language is English.)

What about other parts of SnS?

You are also invited to pay a visit to our sister chapter, Stout n Sturdy based on the Lord of the Rings Online, Laurelin (RP) European server, and the Warhammer Online, Karak-Hirn European server for Destruction characters.


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