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Fledgling Freddie
Dec 22, 2003
My first thread :)

Ok, about six months ago my gran died and we had to clear her house. We now have a lot of her things that we want to keep but have no where to put them. I have seen these warehouse storage places where you get a big locker you can put things in and remove/add when you want to.

Problem is non of them seem too keen to tell me their prices unless I meet them in person :/

So I was wondering if anyone knew what the kind of prices they charge?

Thanks :D


Dec 22, 2003
My dad had one for £400 a month I think...
Ive seen it but dunno the size, you could fit at least 6 cars in tho (maybe 9 depending on how long they are :p)


One of Freddy's beloved
Dec 22, 2003
They start at about £20 a month from what I remember when I was looking at them, charging by the square foot.

I guess the main reason they don't give you prices over the phone is because you really need to go there and see the size of the rooms before you book one for sure. Then there's the added costs of insurance, and also, depending on what type of door/room it is, you may need to buy yourself a padlock, altho some have PIN number type access pads on the doors.

This link will tell you how to work out how much space you are going to need, and I guess you could get a price based on that, but I'd advise you go and look in person to make it a lot clearer in your head.

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