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Discussion in 'Vanu Sovereignty' started by Rigon-Noir-, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. Rigon-Noir-

    Rigon-Noir- Guest

    how come were the only faction that don't wait for resses. Not sure if you have to wait for your implants to come back on line after ressing but if not it's even more reason to wait for the medic.

    I'm only adding this becuase i watched Terrans doing a lot of ressing on Ish yesterday and we all kept respawning, we'd no AMS close by for a lot of the time so it just looked like a steady train of cannon fodder running from nearest tower back to base. The reavers must have had a field day.

    Btw: I'm exactly the same i never wait, maybe it's time we gave it a try
  2. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    Yeah I know what you mean - it's difficult tho because adv medic only really seems to be starting to come into fashion so to speak with the vanu - I had a char with it at the start, but no-one ever waited for it so I specced out of it (will be getting it again at some point).

    It's like this morning, I was playing a MAX (admittedly on another server and empire but still) and I died, so I automatically respawned. Then got told off because we had an adv medic (not that I'd been told about it) and should have waited. So I waited the next time I died and very nearly respawned in sanct.

    But I agree we should learn to wait a bit more :)

    Btw, I know we get the icons over the head, but has anyone noticed a difference on the mini map either as an adv medic or when one is nearby?
  3. Rigon-Noir-

    Rigon-Noir- Guest

    A lot i know of have specced out of adv medic, mainly because they may as well spend the spec points on a Harasser or something, can't say i blame them to be honest. Hopefully a few, like yourself will spec back into it. I have medic mysefl and have had if for a while, will consider adding the adv when i get another spare cert point.

    As for the icons, what a great idea. At least when i V V X someone im trying to heal they turn round and actually see what im doing so stop and let me do it now. I never decloak to heal i think mostly people just thought i was shouting at someone else :D

    Those icons tho, i see the engi and medic but who are the poeple with the cup of tea over their heads, are they the caterers for big zergs :D...oh wait, its a hacker
  4. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    My questions about icons though still are:

    • Can you tell from the mini-map whether an Advanced Medic is near you? Conversely as an Advanced Medic can you tell where the bodies are near you like you're supposed to be able to?
    • Is the hacking icon over the head ONLY if someone has the Hacking or Advanced Hacking certs, or is it just if you're holding a REK no matter WHO you are?
    • And as another little point - if someone else got loads of nano-dispensers or BANKs or whatever - would you be able to repair people and vehicles without the cert? Do you only need the cert to get the equipment, or to use it as well? Has anyone ever tested that (same goes with medic)?

    Just some questions I thought up that I don't believe we've had answered particularly well :)
  5. Rigon-Noir-

    Rigon-Noir- Guest

    Hmm, not sure on some of those.

    You certainly need to have the gun equiped to for the icon to come up but i'm guessing that the engineering and medical gun work like any weapons, if you don't have the cert to use it, you can't actually equip it, although you can carry it in your slots.

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