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Fledgling Freddie
Jan 12, 2004
Spellcrafter open for business

I welcome you and would like to give you a quick overview of my services!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! It took ALOT of time and money to get where I am in my craft and unless you are a crafter, you cannot understand or really appreciate I went through. If you do not like
the way I take orders or my prices, so be it...find a crafter willing to do it.
While I enjoy crafting, I do not enjoy all the bullshit whiners that can go along
with it. Therefore, I have laid down some guidelines to my crafting. Before I
craft for you, you must adhere to the guidelines.....

1) You can NOT have the same stat on the same piece of armor more than once. For example. You cannot do +10 Dex and +22 Dex on your Axe.

2) ANY STAT MESS UP on your armor is YOUR fault. If I put the stats on your armor in which YOU have given me, that makes it YOUR fault if the piece isn't how you want it. Hence, my crafting policy. **When combining, please look in the window above the chat window, it shows what is about to be put on the item. WHEN YOU HIT ACCEPT, THAT MEANS YOU WANT THOSE EXACT STATS ON IT. AFter you push accept, it's set in stone. I'm NOT going to
eat the cost of your armor because you were too impatient to read. Sorry.

3) Make sure you already know what you want for either.
confusing. Please ask around or ask us questions about what you should get if you are unsure. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER just say "put whatever you think is best" on it. "Best" is different to each players style.

4) Plz have you SC template done when you contact me, If you dont have it done, and want me to make it, I can do so, but it will cost you 500g.

5) When the stuff is done, I will contact you, and arrange where and when to meet.

6) Tips are NOT required but much certainly appreciated!

6g pr. imbue point spend (a 99% lvl 51 item have 28 points)
So a 99% lvl 51 item with no overimbue points would cost 168g (28x6)
And a 100% lvl 51 item with no overimbue points would cost 192g (32x6)

Overimbued items are more expensive to make, becaurce the gems need to be
99-100%, and therefor I charge 30g pr. point of overimbue.
So a 99% lvl 51 item with 5 overimbue points would cost 318g (28x6+5x30)
And a 100% lvl 51 item with 5 overimbue points would cost 342g (32x6+5x30)

Focus gems cost 60g

It´s possible to put up to 5 points of overimbue on a lvl 51 item.

Send me a email to the following adress spellcrafter@sol.dk with your sc template, and I will contact you asap
with total price and when I will have it done.
I normaly need 2 days to finish your order, but if I get done faster I will contact you ingame or
email, to tell you the order is done.

Hope to hear from you :D :D

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