Some thoughts on game balance...


Fledgling Freddie
Mar 14, 2004
weee you know it came to me today that....

well if you make a very easy-to-understand and simple list you got:

- Mana chanter with pet/PBAOE/heat debuff/head dd

- Savages and the possibility to run 3healers/4savages in one group

- Stealth group advantages and overall biggest population on most servers

So if you consider this, (and especially with toa +cast speed and other good caster artifacts), don't you think the game right now is actually KIND of balanced, with hibernia as magic realm, midgard as melee realm, and albion somewhere in between?!!
ok there is still many issues as to classes and specline not being used, but overall, i must say it looks quite balanced right now?? :)
only BIG problem i see now (if midgard should be melee realm) is shamans having trouble giving the group end reg after being killed/rezzed mid fights (altho i'm from midgard so of course other realms see other issues i guess :))

or what do you think?!
(heat shield up, flame away!!)


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 9, 2004
as i see it atm in what realm ther can make the best caster grps:

hib coz of chanter got pbaoe and can debuff there own dd, baod and gp
closly followed by mid coz of they can run 3 healers in a grp, aoe stun and the master annoying shamans.
and alb comes coz if alb want the same utility that a fg mid or hib grp got they need at least 10, yes alb got bof and sos but they r kind useless in a castervscaster as u cant run and cast and bof dont arbsorb spell dmg.

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