Some thoughts (FAO new/prospective players)



When I started with Morrowind I went for the typical fighter, i usually do this with new games to get a feel from the "easiest" side.. I got annoyed at first about running everywhere and it taking hours.

Looked into the manual and discovered silt striders, boats, mages guilds etc. :)

I stopped the fighter and made a wizard type. Again, a bit slow for me, altho creating your own spells is endless fun.

Eventually I created a Nightblade and fell in love. An assassin/mage type. I joined the Fighters Guild, the Blades (spies) and then started hearing rumours about the elite assassins known as the Morag Tong. After a while I had their rough location, no one knew exactly where though.
I spent a couple of hours talking to NPCs and searching and eventually found them.

It's been even more fun since then, running assassination missions is great. Sneaking past guards, or other members of the house, then silencing an area and killing your target, ah bliss.

So, for new Morrowind players, find your style - you'll love the game :)


For my first character I went a pure melee assassin dark elf.
Spent a while in Seyda Neen doing a few picklocks and a samll quest. Then I went to the smuglers cave and made my way through that.

I then made my way to Balmora and it was there when I heard about the elite assassin guild known as the Morag Tong, found the small trap door to the place with a bit of difficulty and then used the power of my star sign to open the trap door up :)

Never looked back since and I love the contracts you get.

Also joined the Haalu house and the mages guild.

I am trying to stick to potions and magic items to provide my magic for me rather than spells, but I still buy the spells so that I can make enchanted gear with them latter on.

A tip for all you melee folk out there get a weapon with a paralise effect on it, when taking on a tougher opponent. Paralise it then wack it with a high damage output weapon.


I play as a Thief, every one of my attributes is thief orientated :).

I Play as Khajiit - has good night vision mode, eye of night.
My Specialized class is Thief.
My Birthsign is the Shadow which allows me to go invisible.

I am not much of a fighter, get in trouble when out numbered but jumping from roof to roof in Balmoro , getting onto the balcony, breaking into somone bedroom and sneaking around stealing items when you can see a guard at the bottom of the stairs is just fantastic :).

Pickpocketing peoples house keys when they are hanging out at the corner club is also a very nice touch.

Completed All the Theif missions in Balmora and Ald Ruun, doing thief missions in Sadrith Mora then there is another thief contact in Vivec after that :)

Done a couple of the Easy Fighter missions and Mages missions. The Manor house missions in balmora are fun too.

As far as the Main story goes (Blades) I have done a fair bit, Have just been to the travelers camp and got the Special Bow.


Made a new thread about the speccing of a character. Any hints & tips are very welcome! Thanx for the info so far.


Hmm I just bought this today and started a nordic barbarian, which is pretty much the same race/class that I make in every RPG. Walked out into the world and was really impressed the way the landscape looks lovingly crafted.

Hope this game can cure my ever decreasing attention span :(


Fucking fuckity why didn't anyone tell me that a game of the year edition comes out next week. And according to it's actually £2 cheaper to buy the GOTY than to buy the original with no expansions.

Hope GAME will refund me when I take this one back :/

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