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Discussion in 'Counter-Strike League' started by RogueOne, Nov 24, 2002.

  1. RogueOne

    RogueOne Guest

    With signups for season 6 of BWCSL already underway, I thought I'd better release some more definite info on rules/maps etc. These aren't 100% set in stone, but at this stage, it will take a very, very strong argument to make me change them.

    First of all, the start-date will be Tuesday 9th January, 2003. I understand that this is a little later than some people wanted, but the majority voted for a post-Christmas start and I'm happy to go along with them on this. If nothing else, it lets us avoid the inevitable admin-shortage that would have hit us over Christmas.

    As far as rules go, things won't be particularly different from last time around. All games are *probably* going to be MR12 (3 min rounds), although there's the chance of a CO division if enough clans want it. Settings will be as follows:

    mp_c4timer 35
    mp_friendlyfire 1
    mp_forcechasecam 2
    mp_buytime 0.25

    And so on. Nothing particularly startling or unexpected. Configs will be enforced via WWCL, which will be configured to use a fairly CPL-default bunch of settings.

    And now for the maps... these are *always* the most contravertial aspect of setting up a season and we're never going to please everybody. Hence I'm going to explain each of the choices.

    Week 1: de_nuke - an old favorite and a safe map on which to start the season. Most people still seem to like nuke and it's used plenty in competition play. Also nice for the general emphasis on close-quarters combat.

    Week 2: de_dust2 - One of the more T-dominated maps, which tends to make for fast paced games. Again, it's a popular competition map and it features combat at a good variety of ranges, with some potential for sniping without allowing snipers to dominate.

    Week 3: de_train - Got to admit that I don't personally like this map, but it's always a favorite when we use it in BWCSL. One of the slower-paced, sneakier maps, and as such, a good antidote to the dust2 action from the previous week.

    Week 4: de_clan2_fire - We tested this CPL-approved custom map with division 1 last season. It was a resounding success and as such, I think it's appropriate to bring it back at all stages of the competition.

    Week 5: de_prodigy - There was a good bit of debate, particularly among the admins, over the merits of prodigy. However, in the end, its supported prevailed and I do have to admit that it's a decent map with more potential for tactics than many people realise.

    Week 6: de_inferno - This always seems to be our most popular map by quite some distance, so I'm not going to bother justifying it any further.

    Week 7: de_cbble - A nice simple map to finish the season on. After spending a while in the wilderness, cbble seems to have become one of the more popular competiton maps and nobody has really objected to its inclusion.

    With 8 clans per division, we only need 7 league maps, so this ends the run of "included" maps. Now I think I'd better explain some of the omissions.

    de_dust - Despite having been insanely popular back in the Dark Ages, dust is these days rightly condemned to the scrap heap by most clans, since it's atrociously shallow and very boring to play. A lot of clans complained violently about having to play this last season.

    de_aztec - Possibly the most contravertial omission. This is definitely a love-it-or-hate-it map, due to its entirely sniper-dominated nature. We had as many calls for it to be dropped as we did supporting it and hence I decided to scrap it, on the basis that with a shorter season, there was less scope for including a distinctly specialist map.

    de_piranesi - We had rather a mixed response to running this map last season. Although a slight majority of the feedback was positive, I decided not to use it on the basis that it tends to often drive clans who lose on it to blame "lag" or "rubber bullets" even where there were no problems with the servers.

    de_vegas - Despite its grim reputation, we've had some successful usages of vegas in BWCSL in the past. However, with the move to pay-to-play, I thought it best not to challenge people's assumptions *too* much just yet :)

    Any cs_ maps - As before, cs_ maps remain non-viable for league play due to the problem of the Ts being able to hold up and defend a single area.
  2. andersschm

    andersschm Guest

    A good map selection, pleased to see the atrocious aztec getting removed - can be the most boring map going thanks to heavy CT bias.

    Glad that trains in there too.. don't think criticism of this map is justified as there is a lot of scope for varied attacks and differing combat styles across the map.

    Prodigy, inferno, cbble all good solid inclusions too. Pity about dust2 but still can't have it all.
  3. Grom

    Grom Guest

    Shame to see aztec gone imo, I agree it can be frustrating at times but pulling off a well-planned attack is very satisfying. The new 1.6 aztec should be interesting as well.

    A good map list though; cbble is the only one there I really don't like.
  4. Wookles

    Wookles Guest

    clan_2_fire isnt a welcome addition in my opinion, we have tested it and really dont like it. There is better maps.

    CPL-approved doesnt mean its a good map.

    We enjoyed Piranesi last season, a shame something else couldnt be found which was as fun.
  5. [BFTD]BigD

    [BFTD]BigD Guest

    We've played clan2_fire in 4 clan matches now, and have found it to be a very tactical and playable map, as opposed to piransei, which is just wide open.
  6. ECA

    ECA Guest

    Solid maplist, the only map I would have liked included would have been de_chateau, as I think its vastly underrated.

    Its a highly tactical map, and I'd love to see the HLTV from the divison one battles on it.
  7. Hotteh

    Hotteh Guest

    de_chateau = broken servers ahoy
  8. Also de_chateau = bombs planted before CTs can get there, which is always a drawback I find :p
  9. ECA

    ECA Guest

    they cant plant before the CT's get there.

    imho you just have ignored it/not played it a lot.

    Its a very solid map.
  10. MrChumble

    MrChumble Guest

    If it wasn't for the fact that the map itself is just plain broken, I'd love to see chateau.

    Lovely close play around both bombsites, huge scope for improvisation and sneakyness, or just a straight out main force attack. Planting quickly at the left bombsite (as T), you can get there before CT, but it leaves you devilishly exposed to a CT counter-strike. Better to take it slow and hit the CT high first? Ah so many options. Want to go play a clan match on it now! cept it would break our server into ickle tiny pieces.
  11. isuck

    isuck Guest

    am i missing something? i thought the only changes made to aztec were asthetic.
  12. ECA

    ECA Guest

    The T spawn has been altered so its a bit closer to the bombsites, only a few yards I think though.

    It should make Aztec a little easier on the T's, and a less CT biased map.
  13. ECA

    ECA Guest

    you CANNOT plant before they get there, If you want me to prove this to you I will.

    You might be able to start planting, but I doubt you could plant before a CT picked you off from the windows.

    EDIT: And even if i'm horribly wrong, its very easy to pick the T's off from that bombsite, meaning the speed with which the T's can get there is somewhat negated.
  14. ECA

    ECA Guest

    I think the main thing I love about chateau for clan games is the scope for tactics, do you decoy to one bombsite and plant at the other, the maps large, so an effective decoy could see the CT's waste valuable time, or do you go for a full rush to get the bomb down.

    Also as Ct's its a tricky map tactically, do you put 2 at each bombsite and one in the middle?

    Its going to be tricky to defend against a full rush as such if you have a 2-1-2 split.

    It really would make a change from the heavily CT biased de_ maps that most of the maps are, which apart from dust2, BWCSL seems a bit lacking in :-]
  15. ECA, I've tested chateau enough to know that you can definately plant before CTs arrive. True they arrive just as it goes down and so can shoot you, but it only takes one guy to plant the bomb, and the CTs are now handily located in a few windows, whereas the Ts can be pretty much anywhere...
  16. isuck

    isuck Guest

    ECA is right. true, the t's can get to the bombsite a few secs before a ct gets to an upstairs window, but a ct can get to a downstairs window a fair bit sooner.

    either way u cant plant before a ct gets there.
  17. Grom

    Grom Guest

    Face it, a lot of clans are not going to be happy paying to play de_chateau, so any wishes for it to be included are pretty pointless.
  18. ECA

    ECA Guest

    Most people havnt actually bothered to play it.

    I put it on one of the servers I admin, and about 6 people dropped. Another 5 or so whinged like fuck, but after about 20 minutes, no one was complaining, and the server was full.

    New maps are always going to have a tough time, as people have become accustomed to the official maps, and 2-3 competition maps.

    Its like when a new version of CS comes out, people bitch for a month or two, but then they realise its not so bad, and play on.

    Barrysworld used to run a Chateau, siege, assault server that was constantly fun, and my most played server at the time.

    New maps SHOULD be introduced, as the games get stale playing the same maps are played repeatedly, I point you to de_dust and de_aztec for proof of that.

    For me the ONLY argument against chateaus inclusion would be that its heavy on the FPS, and those with lower end machines performance would be affected.

  19. Wookles

    Wookles Guest

    BFTD.. your said Piranesi was wide open...

    I'd suggest you didnt get your taccies sorted well enough. It IS a terrorist map, but it can be defended appropriatly.

    i wasnt suggesting Piranesi RETURN anyway.. (if you'd of bothered to read my post properly).. im just dissapointed they have opted for clan2fire and not something else.
  20. The reason they don't pick something else is because there ISN'T something else. Fire is simply the best of a mediocre bunch, unfortunately.
  21. RogueOne

    RogueOne Guest

    Just to follow up on Aardvark's posts. Our options for "something else" are as follows:

    de_dust - Last time we used this, we had a near-mutiny on our hands.

    de_vegas - I like it, but I'm in a very small minority there.

    de_clan1_mill - Chances are, if you like this, you like fire. If you don't like this, you don't like fire. If people want this instead of fire, I'm perfectly happy to switch.

    de_piranesi - Tempting, but ultimately, with a higher proportion of "pro" clans playing next season, it didn't seem worth using this.

    de_chateau - Not the worst map, but not the best, either. And even with around 2ghz of CPU per server, I really don't want to push our luck on that front as far as using chateau would entail :)
  22. ECA

    ECA Guest

    Someone needs to design a couple of worthy competition maps methinks.

    Atm, pretty much all of the de_ maps have been used in BWCSL apart from chateau and mill.

    If CPU usage does affect chateau, then fine, I'm not so sure it does, I think its more the usual way of the Cs community shouting omfg lag, when its more FPS based :-]

    As for switching to mill, please dont :-] We're all comfortable with clan2_fire now :D
  23. de_science! \o/
  24. ECA

    ECA Guest

  25. See how I make teh good funny!
  26. Wookles

    Wookles Guest

    /me prefers clan1mill over clan2fire...

    I just find clan2fire a lil 2 CT biased at time.
  27. help

    i have a problem. i dont know how to play the games on barrys world will someone plz tell me how to get the games on

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