Some help making my scout plz :)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Amuse, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Amuse

    Amuse One of Freddy's beloved


    I need some help on how to spec, level, and use the skill points as i level on the scout i am going to make.

    The only thing i know for a fact is that i am going to have 50 bow, and high shield.

    If there are any strong objections plz tell them in a kind way, remember, this is my first scout, and i havent playd daoc in a loong time
    Going to have some friends help me lvl, as we are all going to create new chars :clap:

    We are all going to be stealthers and go as a team, 2 infils, 1 scout and 1 micer. flame all u want, but that is not going to help, we have made the choise, and we want to trye oute stealthers, as ouer curent/earlier chars has ben Necro, Paladins, Friars, and Theurgists :)

    PS: realy bored atm, thats why i am writing all the "none scout" stuff :)

    Any help and/or coment would be of help :bazbeer:
  2. BlitheringIdiot

    BlitheringIdiot One of Freddy's beloved

    For a start, auto train bow. Leveling will be harder but you will appreaciate the extra points - especially if you want to go 50 bow and 42 shield and still hit stuff for more than a cleric :p

    With regards to race, I'd advise against saracen - unless you enjoy being eaten alive by assasins :p I'd go for highlander or icconu just to be different but Briton is the common race as far as I know.

    Cant help you with the spec, I dont know any standard ones and catacombs is down at the moment so I cant make a semi-decent one for you.

    If in doubt read every post with the word 'scout' in here:

    Its the Albion Rouge class board, has heaps of info its just a bit jumbled. It will also show you what scouts a few patches ahead of us think, so you can prepare for any changes.

    Im guessing you meant '2infs, 1 scout and 1 mincer' :p

    With regards to getting whined at for playing as a 4man stealth zerg it depends how you play. If you stand at mmg/amg and leech off of fgs or gank anyone you outnumber then yes.

    EDIT: Oops bloody hell, I almost forgot - This website and forum is THE best resource for any buddy archer. - You can find everything from how to spec, how to spend RSP's, where to level and even what items to use.
  3. Amuse

    Amuse One of Freddy's beloved

    Thanks for the URLs, and the miss typing corection :) god, must be good quality music i listen to as i type to be that distracted (Im talking aboute Hammerfall :flame: )

    Edit: and for the Amg camping part, we are all 4 decent and honorable(probly miss speddel) men, and will not do this, ofcourse, from time to time, we might be standing at AMG or MMG, but who doesnt, but not camping it
    We will be hunting everywhere, doing a 4 man ninja keep raid for the laugh of it etc :rolleyes:

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