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Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Oskorei, Sep 18, 2007.

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    Hmm its been stated categorically all buffs are group only, so no buffbots in WAR, I don't think theres a 'buff' class like there was in DAoC, where all a Shaman (for example) had to do was spec Augmentation and stick on behind you. I think its all special abilities and immediate vicinity boosts to group. Thats what i've gathered off the vids i've seen anyway.
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    I got a monster PC,
    AMD Dual Core 2,8Ghz (5,6Ghz) 6000+
    2GB of ddr2, no need for more.. I can get more, but i simply cant see the point of it, ive never had any complag whatsoever. But i got 12GB ddr2 on my server. ,p So it runs flawless, there u can have more ;D
    RADEON 1300 Series, dual. 256mbx2
    500GB SATA HDD, x4. (note, only 1 hdd came when i bought it, i added 3 more, cost of 150€)

    The cost of the computer: 800€.. +150€

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