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Discussion in 'Role Playing Games' started by leggy, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. leggy

    leggy Probably Scottish

    Right just finished installing and updating and am slightly intoxicated but... :

    At the character creation screen (I gave up here due to lack of sleep) the game looks as if it is running at 320 x 240 in software mode. I have set the screen res to 1024 and adjusted textures and what not, but it looks bloody abysmal. Does the entire game look like this? Surely not but I had to ask.

    Judging by various screen shots the game did look pretty amazing but this is just comedy shit. Someone pls enlighten me. Thx
  2. Whisperess

    Whisperess Part of the furniture

    Screen Res: 1024x768
    Background Texture: 1024x1024

    works really well.

    You're not using simplified character creation are you? :touch:
  3. Elvo^Rylu

    Elvo^Rylu Fledgling Freddie

    i got overlay graphics to 800 x 600.

    And Background Resolution to 512 x 512.

    Would put it higher but i got a real crap gfx card and only a 5200 rpm HDD :/

    Graphics are still fine for me tho.

    And it might is because you for simplified character creation, i got it on too, cause if i dont, my screen goes black when i try to make a char :eek7:
  4. Whisperess

    Whisperess Part of the furniture

    You can change stuff like this under:

    Start > Programs > PlayOnline > Final Fantasy XI > Final Fantasy XI config.

    I tried running background texture at 2048x2048 ( using regedit to change the values ) and it looks awesome >,< No jaggies anywhere, but the framerate wasn't all too good ^^

    Try the config-program, don't use simplified character creation if you don't have/want to. Enjoy the game ^^
  5. leggy

    leggy Probably Scottish

    ok can you do me a favour and tell me the details you set in the ffxi config?

    I have altered a few but i'd like to see what everyone has enabled.

    i.e. MIP mapping, texture compression etc.
  6. Doomy

    Doomy Fledgling Freddie

    It does look a little dated, I have everything at top spec and i just hope the game gets to look like the benchmark does, namely the demo section of the test.

    If it doesnt get better it better have content :) Whacking an quincunx aa doesnt seeem to do ANYthing
  7. Whisperess

    Whisperess Part of the furniture



    Are we playing the same game? :eek:

    It does look just like the benchmark for me. ( high setting in demo ofc ) :touch:

    Forget about AA, crank up the background texture resolution and then screen resolution. Anything below 1024 as first value doesn't look too good.
  8. tRoG

    tRoG Fledgling Freddie

    I have everything set at the defaults. It looks shitty, but it's all my comp can handle :p
  9. Elvo^Rylu

    Elvo^Rylu Fledgling Freddie

    sucky comps 4 teh win :clap:
  10. Doomy

    Doomy Fledgling Freddie

    I have every setting ramped up to the full. No compression. Mipmapping enabled, 1280x1024, quincunx AA, max background res', every setting possible and to be fair, it looks very average. Compared to say Lineage 2, but saying that this doesnt bother me at all if the game is good.

    It has a very minimalist feel to it.
  11. 'Shy

    'Shy One of Freddy's beloved

    I changed to this setting just now and it looks the same as it did before (with 512 background) - very grainy.

    Whats simplified character creation?
  12. Elvo^Rylu

    Elvo^Rylu Fledgling Freddie

    When you create your character, the animations dont run around around and do stuff or move at all, you just see the face etc.

    Some PCs, like mine, cant hande normal char creation, for unknown reasons, so i have to use simplified.
  13. 'Shy

    'Shy One of Freddy's beloved

    Aaah yes, that was wonderful to watch my little Mithra rolling around on the grass and wiggling her cute litte ass in the air :D
  14. Astral\

    Astral\ Fledgling Freddie

  15. Whisperess

    Whisperess Part of the furniture

    [QUOTE='Shy]I changed to this setting just now and it looks the same as it did before (with 512 background) - very grainy.[/QUOTE]
    Then it didn't save or your videocard can't handle the 1024x1024 background screen rez ( but shouldn't show up in the list then, oh well ).

    Make sure it actually saved. ( You can check using regedit if you're somewhat used to it ).

    The game is very grainy at 512 background rez, but it sure as gil isn't at 1024 :)
  16. ECA

    ECA I am a FH squatter

    1024? i use 2048 :D
  17. agroupuk

    agroupuk Fledgling Freddie

    erm how do you raise the res over 1024? cant see that option in the setup... (im new btw hehe)
  18. Rhyna

    Rhyna Loyal Freddie

    Link for the guide on how-to :)
  19. agroupuk

    agroupuk Fledgling Freddie

    Thank you kindly :)

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