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Discussion in 'Warhammer' started by Radi, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Radi

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    Smelly 'n' Scary also known as Stout n Sturdy!

    currently recruiting

    Smelly n Scary who? (about us!)

    We are a destruction guild with an aim to squash as many stunties 'eads as we can, while trying not to damage them too much so we can wear them as trophies! We first started over a year ago in LotRO as Stout n Sturdy and are still going strong. We have been looking at WAR for some time now and decided we wanted to make a guild for it.

    We are a friendly and mature bunch with a diverse mix of people from all around Europe that accepts casual players. Our aim is to work together and make sure everyone in the guild is happy, we support each other in crafting, questing (as long as it involves smashing ‘eads) and more smashin ‘eads!

    Wot makes you different? (why join us)

    Well while I can’t say we are completely unique in the way our guild plays, our goal is to be a powerful and well respected guild in WAR and still remain casual, without the rigidness of a hardcore raiding guild. Mostly we wish to carry on as we do in LotRO, group up as much as we can, work to build a strong community and most of all have fun playing every aspect of WAR! our emphasis is on fun and having a laugh over pure gaming achievements.

    Due to the city changes and also the class changes we have decided to change and accept all races from the destruction side, as it looks like our fate has been forced to cross paths more than we expected (we all have to attack and defend one city!)

    We have an active multi-game website and forum with a raid calander and many other features, where members are welcome to encourage more members over from LotRO ;)

    Do wot yer told (guidelines for our guild)

    • Treat others in game the same way you wish to be treated.
    • Think of others in your Kinship when you get equipment (Need before greed)
    • Try to turn up to events
    • Most of all have fun!

    If your interested in joining us then sign up on our forum and look at the recruiting thread under warhammer (Stout n Sturdy - Index)

    We have a website too but will have more features when we get in game and its live (Home : Smelly 'n' Scary - Guild Launch Guild Hosting)

    And lastly if your interested in looking at our LotRO site its here (
  2. Gudwifshield

    Gudwifshield Fledgling Freddie

    ello Boss!

    Just a quick note to say as a guild "We're in the Beta" so if anyone in the beta also is interested in finding a guild then come check us out. If your not in, no worries, we're taking applications to the guild before retail launch... not long to wait now!
  3. Gudwifshield

    Gudwifshield Fledgling Freddie

    Smelly n Scary have now chosen to reside on:


    So many Karaks to choose from... :england:

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