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Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by DaGaffer, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. DaGaffer

    DaGaffer Down With That Sorta Thing

    Very good. Go watch. That is all.
  2. caLLous

    caLLous I am a FH squatter

    I was gonna make a thread about this because I didn't see one on the front page and there damn well should be - it's fantastic.

    I don't remember a film grabbing my attention and whirling me through such a range of emotions and absolutely not letting go until the very end. And even then, the entire cinema sat transfixed for the first part of the credits.

    And what a great soundtrack... this film really didn't put a foot wrong for me.
  3. Trem

    Trem That there, that's not me. Moderator

    Heh I thought it was total shite.

    Apart from the Who Wants To Be..... storyline I thought it was a City of God rip off. Didn't find anything interesting in it at all, City of God did it sooooo much better.

    His bird in it was beautiful though (when she was an adult you paedos :eek:)
  4. DaGaffer

    DaGaffer Down With That Sorta Thing

    Didn't think it was anything like City of God tbh, apart from the slums bit. Liked Cty of God, liked Slumdog, but for different reasons. If anything it was closer in tone to A Life Less Ordinary; a Danny Boyle film that everyone seemed to dislike except me.
  5. Trem

    Trem That there, that's not me. Moderator

    A Life Less Ordinary was an amazing film, don't see how Slumdog is any way like that though.

    Slumdog was very like City of God as in his brother and the feel of how his life went and how he ended up and also the brutality of the police. The whole film (apart from the tv studio and police station) was in the bloody slums you mental old cow ;)
  6. Dark Orb Choir

    Dark Orb Choir Loyal Freddie

    were there any people coughing in the background, is Charles ingram in it?
  7. SawTooTH

    SawTooTH Can't get enough of FH

    I thought it was shit, but it looked like mushy bananas.
  8. Big G

    Big G Has a sexy sister. I am also a Bodhi wannabee.

    I liked it, but it was just a bit too long.
  9. pez

    pez Can't get enough of FH

    I liked it but I thought that dude from skins was wank. The bits with the kids were by far the best. That guy really can't hold down a leading man part and jesus christ the accent!
  10. Wazzerphuk

    Wazzerphuk FH is my second home

    Boyle is a filmmaker who seems to be upping his game with nearly every film he makes.

    His first films, while receiving critical praise, I really don't like. Shallow Grave and A Life Less Ordinary are painful to watch, particularly the latter. 28 Days Later is probably the best zombie film ever made (controversial statement?) and Sunshine, while being panned for being a little obvious (calling the ship Icarus II was a little overly-clichéd) and scientifically flawed, but it is absolutely genius in its exploration of aural and visual aesthetics. Will wait to see Slumdog when it comes out on DVD, doesn't strike me as a cinema film like Sunshine was (if you didn't see it in the cinema you truly missed out on an experience).
  11. nath

    nath Fledgling Freddie

    Nah, just incorrect :)

    Sunshine was absolutely fantastic, for the most part. Clearly tremendously inspired by 2001, but that only works in its favour. The main problem is
    the ending is just stupid. I appreciate what happened to the other captain, but the film style just became zombieriffic which felt totally out of place with the rest of the film.
  12. Trem

    Trem That there, that's not me. Moderator

    Sunshine was a great film but......BUT it felt a bit too like Event Horizon to me, the ending especially.
  13. Raven

    Raven Brrrrr!

    Both sunshine and event horizon are awesome but slumdog millionaire is pants
  14. Trem

    Trem That there, that's not me. Moderator

  15. DaGaffer

    DaGaffer Down With That Sorta Thing

    Actually its very "cinematic"; def worth a big screen.
  16. Wazzerphuk

    Wazzerphuk FH is my second home

    What's better? :)

    I disagree.
    It kinda annoys me that so many people class the ending as a zombie ending. For me (probably some others picked it up too, and you'll really notice it if you watch some of the deleted scenes), the whole film is a reflective examination of existentialism and religion. The captain is the emobodiment of a clash between the two, hence his torment and (quite prevalent) insanity, obviously aided by the good old space-willies.
  17. nath

    nath Fledgling Freddie

    Yeah I got that and I liked the idea, but the way the ending was filmed just felt silly. I felt they could have had ultimately the same story without resorting to him hunting them down. Even if he did, they could have shot it a different way. Don't ask me how, I just thought it seemed out of place. Like I said, it's more to do with the way it was filmed at the end, not the actual idea behind it.

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