Slow booting


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 24, 2004
When i boot up my comp, it takes lige forever. When the Win XP loading screen appears, the little blue bar is running over the screen 60 times before it opens windows.
I have a feeling it might be the HDD, but i have no clue of how to fix it, other than replacing it. But dont wanna spend alot of cash, if it's not that anyway.

I have installed the latest BIOS, mainboard intel drivers, gfx drivers etc..

My system:
P4 3.06ghz HT processor
MSI 845PE MAX3 Mainboard
768mb ddr pc3200 ram
Radeon 9700pro
120gb Western Digital HDD (WD1200JB)


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 7, 2004
use my old favorite which will help speed things up and sort out your registry and drivers loading amoung other things:

i have found a nice program from a company at this webby:

i run anticrash, hare and zoom and it makes thing run nicely. the programs also sort out your registry and the drivers (so they run on a need only basis so you have more system resources).

there are plenty of places to find "copies of the full version" on the net as the trial only runs for 20 trys.

(btw don't bother with battery doubler (unless you have a laptop) and juggle mouse)

also a lil tip don't have anticrash enabled when running DAoC it keeps trying to fix it and fails

remember serials 2000 are your friend


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 5, 2004
i have a few suggestions;

first, defragment your hard drive(s)...
(right-click a drive in "my computer", click "properties", go to the "tools" tab, and click "defragment now", and "defragment" in the new windows that pops up... in this window, you can choose any other drives/partitions you might have, and defrag them too)

if you're an experienced computer user, you might want to add a separate partition in the beginning of the drive to put your pagefile on, and another partition immediately following this partition on the drive for your game, and the third partition on the drive for system (windows)...

my hard drive is partitioned like this;
Z: swap-disk -- just 1GB for pagefile
E: game-disk -- some 5GB for daoc/si/toa
C: sys-disk -- some 10GB for windows and program files
D: storage -- 100-ish GB of rubbish ;)

and of course, defragmenting C: and E: once in a while

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