1. Strange`

    Strange` Guest

    Any chance of getting this on the server(s)?

    I'm getting tired of IDIOTS stepping on my mines and then hitting F1. With this you can disable the complaint system (among other things)

    Ability to shove people out of the way might also be useful (though personally I would prefer the ability to PUNCH PEOPLE IN THE FACE).
  2. Xage

    Xage Guest

    Is that disabling the ENTIRE complaint system or just for when you step on mines?
  3. jollyroger

    jollyroger Guest

    I recon the whole complaint system, which may help our friendly engineers and cov-op searchers, but it also help teamkillers along the way.

    I don't think it's a good idea, sorry mate. You'll have to find better servers where there's not as many newbies who don't know what the red flag with M means.
  4. It's an awful idea.

    Tkers will love you for it. Oh look i cant be complained against Mines in spawn etc etc
  5. Pakman

    Pakman Guest

    surely you mean different :D

    We do seem to get alot of new players but this just means we get to teach them how to play. If complaints get too out of hand we can always look at raising the number of complaints before a kick (the xp loss really doesn't ammount to much).
  6. Xage

    Xage Guest

    4 complaints for a kick seems fine to me , cuz usually if your a n00b you wont rack up 4 TKs in a map, now if you are out to TK ppl then you will get there easily.... and thus get kicked
  7. Strange`

    Strange` Guest

    But this isn't accidental tk'ing I'm talking about... it's newbies throwing themselves onto your mines and then filing a complaint (believe me, this DOES happen).

    Why should I be punished for someone else's stupidity?

    shrub mod does have a replacement, anyway:

    Plus there is the normal voting system (assuming chimps can be taught to press F1 for that; they manage it for complaints)
  8. Xage

    Xage Guest

    i havent had it once that i got kicked due to monkeys walking over my mines, and besides there are a lot of spots which will obviously be used for mines, and even chimps will learn that fast enough :p

    And if you play in the later hours then you'll see the amount of complaining n00bs decrease aswell.. perhaps somewhat age related ;)
  9. jollyroger

    jollyroger Guest

    Mind you, newbies stepping on engy mines generally give me some XP as I'm generally all over the map with my orangejuice/applejuice syringes and medpacks :D

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