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Apr 19, 2012
As years gone I thought I drop by I guess not many elder plays nowdays I thought I drop by hear how Doac is nowdays I am getting slowly get aintresst to return

Miss the old Days and serv the albs with all Mls I am not look in to yet the new expansion by Camelot

many of you rember me from old days if you was walk trow ms it was ahonnor make them fore you

some of you I miss alout you know who I meen I usd run houers with you do mls

Eggy if you see this get in toutch and ofcourse any who want


Solic Archers

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May 30, 2007
Hi Shanessa,

The game is still alive over on the US servers which are all clustered to one server with all Europeans and US players together.

If you are interested in a return I suggest checking the 7 day free trial to see how you get on. If you haven't already moved your toons over to Ywain from the archive servers then that's the first thing you'll need to do when reopening your accounts.

I Currently play on Hibernia but there are some good guilds on Albion during EU prime-time. If however you would like a change my guild The Federation of Hibernia are taking all new and returning players to bring you up to speed with the game.

FoH Guild website:

Looking forward to see you return


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