SF are recruiting (worth a read!)



Hello all.

We are a TDM clan who currently play in Jolt Div 4 and are hoping to make it into BW soon.

So, we are looking for a couple more experienced TDM'ers for the next season as we are a bit short of TDM players. Heck if one can't make it, *I* have to play!!! LOL

So, I know there are some Div1/2 players out there who are just feeling the stress too much You guys are welcome as well (if we have to LOL). Just imagine, if you are pants in your div currently, you will be able to stun us with your l337-ness when you join! LOL That's supposed to encourage ppl...should have thought this through!

All you need is to be good, have a good sense of humour and a decent haircut (but I think that's true of any clan...)

Oh, and listen to me when I am coaching!

A love of fast cars/bikes wouldn't go a miss either.

If you are interested, mail me at jud9r@clansf.co.uk

Or go to http://modality.net/clansf and use the contact us button.

Or pop into IRC on #clan_sf and speak to one of us there



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