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Discussion in 'Vanu Sovereignty' started by Esoteric, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. Esoteric

    Esoteric Guest

    <whistles quietly>
  2. DeSlisser

    DeSlisser Guest

    No reply yet ey, well ill be the first then.

    Sovereign Guard is prety serious (when we try ;p)

    Anything else i dont really know.. kinda biased here tho. Once grouped with an outfit leader of Betas Blocker, dont know his name anymore, but he was prety good and sounded as taking the game serious.
  3. [PS]Nova

    [PS]Nova Guest

    Didn't reply because until he edited it last time, he said he'd already found an outfit!

    If that wasn't the case, please feel free to contact SG, we're trying to reorganise the outfit at the moment, but I'd like to think we're fairly serious - we are something like 3rd largest on members, 5th on points at moment.

    Either contact me in-game, or go to our website and fill out the recruitment form if you want to join!
  4. ViscountC

    ViscountC Guest

    The UK Dentists will never be serious! Games are meant to be about having fun; for us, that will never mean pretending to be soldiers, giving players titles like " Air Commodore" or "Squad Sergeant", requiring any sort of commitment from members, or having any kind of say in how our members want to spec their players and enjoy the game.

    Good luck to the serious outfits that exist, but it's not our style.
  5. Despite all this VC will still run around as squad leader issuing the campest orders heard since Elton John went to Dunkin Donuts and asked for a box of their tastiest rings.

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