Selling Sidi and crafted items


Fledgling Freddie
Jan 8, 2004
All on house 178

Sidi Items

AE 7p
Staff of body and mind 6p
Cresent Pick 1p
Infil Boots 1.25p
Infil legs 1.7p
Infil Crown 1p
Pala Boots 1.5p
Pala legs 2p
pala gloves 1p
Arms gloves 1p
Arms sleeves 1.5p
Sorc crown 700g
EI 3p

Crafted items

MP 3.0s whip 2.75p
MP fortified Stiletto 3p
MP exceptional rapier 3p
MP cloth steeple hat 800g
MP chain vest 4p
99% crafted plate full set 3.3p
99% crafted chain full set 3.3p
99% weapons 300g

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