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Discussion in 'Counter-Strike League' started by andersschm, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. andersschm

    andersschm Guest

    With myself and Block taking over the responsibility of head admins in BWCSL this season there isn't likely to be any major changes in our first season - however things will be tweaked where necessary and all suggestions are welcome. Even if we cannot introduce something this season it may be something you see in following seasons.

    1) League size: Most important here is that all clans that have dropped out will be replaced. Should there be a large enough demand it is conceivable that the leagues could return to 10 clans each but this might be beyond the scope of the changes we would make in this first season.

    2) CO/MR12: While a few people (myself included) miss playing CO rules, max rounds seems to be the order of the day.

    3) Match rules/server settings: No changes required we don't think. Comments?

    4) Anticheat: VAC and WWCL will probably be used next season. The return of cheating death is a possible alternative but it is early days yet so we will have to see how it goes.

    5) Knife rounds : We don't propose we use knife rounds. Both me and Block share Rogue1's opinion of the knife round and do not think it a good solution to the problem. We don't see why the matches can't continue being fixtured so that you roughly get 50% T and 50% CT during the season. This is then up to the clans and admin to enforce.

    6) Map list:

    Season 6 Rotation


    For season 7 we would like to try mill instead of fire. Also, if most favourable, we are quite willing to swap out one of the other maps and replace it - comments on the map you would like to see removed in season 7?

    We look forward to hearing your comments - so get making them and let us know what you want from BWCSL.
  2. ECA

    ECA Guest

    I'd like to see MR15, and mill instead of prodigy.

    I'd also like to see the WWCL brightness upped a bit on train, people just alter their gfx settings beforehand so whats the point enforcing such a low value?

    PS: if its 9 clans per league, then mill as well as prod, and if its 10 clans per league than can we try piranesi/chateau, and as a last resort aztek.

    I really love chateau as a map, and I'd hate to see it go the way of storm and survivor ( although they are crap maps ^_^ ).
  3. Block

    Block Guest

    MR15 won't be happening this season, as it will be our first in charge were going to try to keep things as little change as possible I'm afraid, possibility for the future though :)
  4. ECA

    ECA Guest

    what about changing the map textures to hardcore lesbian porn?

  5. Hotteh

    Hotteh Guest

    MR15 isnt a particularly standard scoring system, MR12 is used far and wide and there is a certain amount of strategy involved in it, altering it for one league can throw u off preparing for it if ur having to use MR12 elsewhere.

    Im in favour of mill over fire, its better designed with less wasted space, better textures, less errors and the better of the two to play from both perspectives.

    Knife rounds can bugger off.

    id like to see cobble taken out in favour of another map. What yet im unsure but ill give it a think for a bit.
    As for piranesi and chateau. Chateau is awfully unstable and if neone gets dumped out of the map just once therell be a ruckus and is it really worth it for a such a map?
    Piranesi was entertaining last season but i doubt it should be included again
  6. MR15 is pretty much agreed to be a better solution in terms of balance, its just the extra time required is beyond most competitions ability to fit in. MR12 is pretty much THE minimum, but lots of LAN tournaments still ahve problems even with this.
  7. andersschm

    andersschm Guest

    Was it MR3 or something at I14...
  8. Wookles

    Wookles Guest

    Agree completely with Hotteh regarding MR15.. and MR12... nuff said.

    CO division...?? well. as a clan that used to play CO.. i have to say we wont be returning to it. Its a very different style of playing, and inferior in my opinion to Max Rounds.

    Map wise, I agree that Mill is better than Fire, but we are happy to play either.

    Piranesi was good fun the season it was included, and made a nice change. Maybe one of the other maps could be worked in somewhere. Torn maybe ? NOT Survivor.... Storm isnt an AWFUL map.. just not very interesting. I trust we are staying with de maps only still...

    Whatever happens.. DONT BRING BACK DUST :p

    Importantly, we should remember that 1.6 should be with us by season 7 (if not before) and this may impact the way we play maps and our map selection, not to mention some NEW MAPS !!
  9. ECA

    ECA Guest

    I have to agree with you about dust lol :-]

    hopefully airstrip and some of the other new maps will be competition standard.
  10. I think prod should be taken out and replace with mill as well.

    Im not so keen on the new maps made for 1.5

    personally think they suck
  11. andersschm

    andersschm Guest

    A few things that I would like to introduce next season are as follows - nothing really new but things that didn't happen this season. Please comment.

    : Stricter control of postponements - There have been far too many postponements this season compared to the season before it. I propose to revise postponement rules and enforce them more strictly to hopefully avoid this situation.

    : 100% HLTV demo coverage. With teething, handover and technical problems there have only been about 50% of matches recorded this season - next season our ftp access should be working correctly so we can record and upload demos efficiently to achieve total coverage.

    : Return of Action-nation round ups/predictions. Roundups have always been a favourite of mine and I want to see them return. However there were certain clans who objected to being the subject of this "journalism" though. If you are for or against the return of round-ups then speak up :)

    : Complaints/suggestions section on website. I have been looking at pointing in place a complaints form that will send your complaint to the head admins. This is to give people a means of officially registering a complaint against the admins, the server or other clans or players. I feel this will be a better system for communicating complex matters to the team.

    : Past seasons archive on website. I would like to start an archive of past seasons by storing this current seasons results and tables as an archive. Possibly if players or admins have them it might be possible to include past seasons as well but I do not believe an official store of this information exists.

    : Replacement night admins. We are looking to recruit 2 night admins for our tuesday and thursday positions. Please let me know if you are interested.

    : WON ID enforcement. Automatic kicking of illegal WON IDs from match servers.

    A few things there to think about - please let me know your opinions. Some of these are things discussed by me and Block - some are just things I have been thinking about.
  12. ECA

    ECA Guest

    I'm definately in favour of roundups, although maybe get them on Ukterrorist as it gets a lot more CS people on :-]

    And it will also boost interest in the league.

    Definately looking forward to next season :-]
  13. cannonfod

    cannonfod Guest

    the round up ruled :)
    was always nice to see what someone thinks of how teams did etc, and to see what was going on :)
  14. teamx-

    teamx- Guest

    I'd like to see stricter rules enforced about the times that games start. One game we played, the admin started while we had 4 players, despite us asking to wait, as he had problems logging in on the bw site. Then later on in the season, one of the players from the team we were playing, epwn, had some connection problems, and the admin (which was anders), allowed us to wait for him, which i didn't mind at all to get a fair game. The game started about 20mins later than it was supposed to, but we didn't mind whatsoever, but the fact that we had the same kind of problem early on in the season, and the other admin (cant remember who) wouldn't wait for him, annoyed me a bit, as it lost us the pistols round and he didn't get there until the 5th round, and we ended up losing.

    All i am saying is we never had a problem waiting for the other team to get on the server, neither did anders when he adminned our game, so why do other admins? Just needs a bit of consistency concerning kick off times, rather than some admins being unwilling to wait for a player when he has problems getting on :/

    hope it makes sense :p
  15. Block

    Block Guest

    Thats a valid point teamx and I agree so we will start to enforce the start times with more priority. This season has been bad because of the new pay2play system and logging into BW so we've had to take that into account. Next season though the clans who have played this season will know the problems so it will be easier to enforce a deadline and the newer clans will be advised as to how annoying these problems are and the rules will state
  16. plaz0r

    plaz0r Guest

    What about the admin making a report of the game, or having an option for clan leaders to make reports of the games on your website :D
  17. andersschm

    andersschm Guest

    Next season the plans are for there to be writeups of each week. Writeups of each match I think might be a bit much, but important or interesting matches will get mentioned in the weekly roundup.

    As for CLs adding their own reports to the website - I don't think such an update to the website is a possibility at the moment, however perhaps if clans wish it there could be an area set up for match reports to be posted on the league forum. If there were sufficient amount of match reports being posted it would lend good weight to getting a feature added to the website.
  18. brutaldeluxe

    brutaldeluxe Guest

    WWCL causes a few problems for some people (Not cheat related) So it would be an idea to look at Cheating-Death once it's been around and properly tested. It does look very promising tho, I know they have sorted alot of the initial issues that dogged it's first re-release a month or so ago.

    Keep MR12 :)

    100% HLTV would be a bonus.

    Map list seems fine, although I would like to see both mill and fire in use, maybe using de_cpl_fire if it plays well.

    Personally I think there should be knife rounds, it's a good fair way of deciding starting team and almost always throws up some humurous moments.

    All in all a very enjoyable season, looking forward to 7 :)

    And nice writeup on UKT lads
  19. ECA

    ECA Guest

    Cheating Death is crap and erm thanks :-]
  20. Yea what does everyone have against knife rounds?

    They own :X
  21. spookeh

    spookeh Guest

    - instead of 5x £15 GAME vouchers as prizes for div3/4, give a years BW subscription for 5 ppl? or a 5 man clan subscription? or a choice, but for me £15 game voucher is pretty useless

    - max rounds set to more than 12, so we can swap sides and restart, instead of having 2 map loads. not a major point tho

    - the new cpl_fire is a good map, much better than the first version or clan2_fire.
    not played much mill1, but dont like the look of it so far

    - this is exam season, possibly the worst timing for a cs league...

    - hmm there was something else...

    - ohh i remember now: next to each week's results, include a small extra column to show if it was a default win, or if it was only 5v4 players or whatever
    cos when u look back at the league's previous weeks and there are some results 0-1, u dont know if it was a default win, or a washout.
    if u dont know if the other team actually turned up (in full 5 man strength) then it makes prediciting previous form rather difficult, that goes for me when i look at other clans in my divison, and for u lot when writing next week's predictions (which are mostly good btw, keep it up)

    - oh and the bullet registration on the BW servers IS a bit poor, i dont care what the specs of the machines are or whatever. i can cope with it, being on isdn its maybe an advantage to me cos im more used to poor reg? but it cant be denyed
  22. ECA

    ECA Guest

    1. Prize stuff - cant really argue, maybe make it optional?
    I'm sure some people would fine a voucher more useful than an extended sub.

    2. Dependant on the admins. I always set mp_maxrounds 0 so i can just RR at half time.

    3. I didnt like new cpl_fire at first but after playing it a fair bit its a decent map. Mill is a wicked map. Again I didn't like it at first but its probably my favourite map to play matches on.

    4. Exam Season is a good point BUT there if the league hadnt started there would have been a 4 month gap between competition. It will affect some clans yes, but this really can't be helped unless you want Jolt/BY like waits between seasons.

    5. Good Idea Handicap indicator would be good however in the fixtures if its a 1-0 victory that means its a default.

    If its played short handed its either 13-2 or a blowout win.

    Would be nice to have an indicator though.

    6. Bullet reg I really havnt encounted a problem with.
    The pings are slightly higher than normal due to the subs only routing etc. I and all my clan use 101/101/16000 rates.

    iirc maxupd is 60 and min is 20, and maxrate is set at 15k
  23. spookeh

    spookeh Guest

    1-0 can be a valid result though, thats why i mentioned it
  24. ECA

    ECA Guest

    Um no it cant.

    Anything with 13 is a valid result :-]
  25. Block

    Block Guest

    "- this is exam season, possibly the worst timing for a cs league..."

    I can name about 5 leagues that are still running at this time?
    and not all clans/members are still in school?
  26. rar

    rar Guest

    mr15 is imho a really bad idea:

    One of the main arguments is that it makes the pistol round less important.

    But surely a pistol round is one of the skills of a cs match that need to be kept up to scratch? If you chalk this one out it makes for a boring match and such things as loosing a pistol round or an eco really dont count.

    CSGN tried it out and imho it sucks dont do it

    and omg dont even think of CO rules :/

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