Discussion in 'Role Playing Games' started by Nightchill, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. Nightchill

    Nightchill One of Freddy's beloved

  2. Lam

    Lam Fledgling Freddie

    Some nice screenies there, looks like I need to explore a bit more next time I log on :)
  3. Choppa

    Choppa Guest

    Yep, looks like the galaxy isn't as small as I thought!
  4. Luribomb

    Luribomb Fledgling Freddie

    /hug seems to be a nice way to kill someone else :p
  5. kosh

    kosh Loyal Freddie

    :m00: aye its not bad got the lend of a tuskin rifle and made master scout in 4 days on naboo big game hunting hehe biggest safest place to die, ewok and rancor'o-ville are just evil, a animal the size of a chicken that took a bounty hunters lightning cannon to kill.....
  6. fatgit

    fatgit Loyal Freddie

  7. Healer McHeal

    Healer McHeal Fledgling Freddie

    if i had a way of getting my sshots online some where, id show some amusing ones, but fact is, i dont :(
  8. Healer McHeal

    Healer McHeal Fledgling Freddie

  9. Uncle Sick

    Uncle Sick One of Freddy's beloved

    Talking of screenies - is there a quick keyboard shortcut to turn names and the interface off?
  10. pig

    pig Fledgling Freddie

    CTRL+N toggles names, CTRL+SHIFT+H removes all the hud
  11. Uncle Sick

    Uncle Sick One of Freddy's beloved

    Ahhh! Thanks bunches. :D

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