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Discussion in 'RvR Discussions' started by Flimgoblin, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. Flimgoblin

    Flimgoblin It's my birthday today!

    Razing a tower looks like an end to tower camping...

    though you can still do the whole engage the lord thing I guess? wonder if they'll change that once this goes in.
  2. Yurka

    Yurka One of Freddy's beloved

    oh god
  3. Kagato

    Kagato Fledgling Freddie

    Some idea's from mythic I actually like for a change.
  4. Dubaxter

    Dubaxter Fledgling Freddie

    some sweet new ideas there
  5. LordjOX

    LordjOX Part of the furniture


    Loox fun :)
  6. Bloodclot

    Bloodclot Banned

    looks fun for your fresh toons to gain some usefull rp's
  7. Napshot

    Napshot Fledgling Freddie

    aggree looks like good fun :D
  8. liloe

    liloe It's my birthday today!

    Yurka summed it all up tbh...
  9. Bracken

    Bracken Fledgling Freddie

    Great stuff :cheers:

    Of course it won't do anything for the Anal Retention Brigade, but for the average bloke who plays the game for fun adds some fine ideas :D
  10. Helme

    Helme Part of the furniture

    Looks fun I guess, and why the hate bracken?
  11. rampant

    rampant Can't get enough of FH

    hopefully we shud get it by christmas.....
  12. Miho

    Miho Fledgling Freddie

    Well, for me it seems like since DAoC is losing loads of players and RvR is getting more deserted, Mythic introduces loads of new PvE zones. :p
  13. Takhasis

    Takhasis Can't get enough of FH

    They sound good :)
  14. Bracken

    Bracken Fledgling Freddie

    Where's the hate? :eek6: I don't hate anyone :( Some people get a bit anal about the game and I might wind them up a bit, but I don't hate them at all :fluffle:
  15. enkor

    enkor Can't get enough of FH

    kill 15 guards, get 200 rps. apparently.
  16. Castus

    Castus Can't get enough of FH

    See the sig..... UptheVilla:p
  17. Gordonax

    Gordonax Fledgling Freddie

    "You're going down with the foxes... down with the foxes..." :)

    (yes, I'm a Rams fan :) )
  18. Rulke

    Rulke Can't get enough of FH

    It could work, depends how its implemented.

    If for example, all the solo missions were to 1 location, all the soloers would have a good chance of meeting other soloers..
    If the FG missions were to another general area, then FGs would have somewhere to roam with a high likely-hood of meeting other FGs
  19. Bracken

    Bracken Fledgling Freddie

    Not this year...but many more repeats of today's debacle and we might be next season :(

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