RSPCA trys to kill Circuses


Dec 26, 2003
The RSPCA have a campaign to stop people going to circuses that use animals mainly due to the travelling around transportation aspect.

But on the other hand animals in a circus get a lot more stimulation of the brain than animals stuck in Zoo's - they get training in different tricks a change of scene etc.

Whereas I have seen animals even in the best Zoo's (such as London Zoo) exhibiting stress at being caged by pacing the limits of their enclosures over and over and over again...

Will the RSPCA try to shut Zoo's next?

When people give money to the RSPCA do they really expect it to be campaigning on this stuff instead of spending the money on actual welfare of animals rather than euthanising the ones they cant get rid of?


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Dec 22, 2003
Probably the same kinds of people that are trying to stop dogs from sitting on the front seat of a car, with their head out of the window. Dogs love that shit, bloody spoilsports!


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Dec 22, 2003
No offense meant to anyone whos sticking up for this but...

I think the activists and RSPCA are acting REALLY fucking stupid now.

Ok given that they may be distressed when moving, id rather see an animal getting exercised and actually using the bodies given to them (Even though they may be for entertainment acts) rather than stuck behind a cage or a pit doing fuck all. (Fair doos they are probably in cages when transported but its not exactly permanent)

They are trying to stop an age old tradition, circuses have been fairly rooted in modern society due to how old the circus entertainment is, what makes them think theyre kings of the world and that they should go out on a limb to shut down everything as they see fit.

My label for the people doing this is "Pathetic" if anything.

If I was approached by someone and they said "Hey, I dont think you should attend this, its cruel to animals" I think id give them a righteous "Fuck off out of my life" to their faces, I dont exactly go very often but im not letting some random twat block me from entertainment.

Fair enough the RSPCA do things to help save animals from bad etc, I got my last 2 cats from an RSPCA rescue center, so kudos to them, but theyre going the wrong way about how animal rights are handled, I mean they could at least do something to ease the stress to animals while being transported, but trying to stop it all together is quite frankly, fucking stupid and idiotic.

Kudos to RSPCA for keeping animals away from cruelty, fair enough, but a nice big "Keep your hands fucking off" to them if they want to try to stop ciruses.

Hopefully, they wont get it their way.


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Dec 22, 2003
It's inevitable tbh. They've won their war against teh evul fox-hunters, so they'll go for their next target. And yes, zoos will be on that list somewhere, and so will be fishing. That's why people who want to interfere with people's lives (the HSE, ROSPA, the Labour Party) should be resisted, because they can't help themselves.

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