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Discussion in 'The Front Room' started by Rubber Bullets, Jan 7, 2004.

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    For file browsing I just use windows explorer and thumnail view to find the picture I want. In order to make life easier I have always rotated the vertically oriented photos so that I can assess them easier.

    This was alwys no problem with my old 2MP camera, but since I got a 5MP camera WinXP flashes up a warning to say that if I rotate the image some quality may be lost.

    I can rotate the image in PS but then it has to be saved as a new JPEG and this results in quality loss of its own and even an increase in file size.

    So does anyone know whether the quality loss that XP warns of is actual loss or theoretical loss? Should I worry about doing it?

  2. Xavier

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    Basically to rotate the image XP is opening the file, editing and recompressing it. I saw a pretty alarming demo of a picture rotated a few hundred times, it was nigh on unrecognisable from the first. So while rotation isn't going to kill the picture the photoshop route is by far the best.

    Alternatively, save all your images as TIFF after editing.

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    Use ACDSee. You can rotate the image and then viewing them without having to save the file

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