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    Taken from the old Barrysworld forum :)

    By Jaxal:
    Seems like most players have'nt got a clue how to pull of a renkei (skillchain) with their group and they dont understand the FAQ's on other sites because they are too complicated.
    Renkei is great tho, it does uber damage and monsters go down fast and it's alot of fun to pull it off.

    So i thought i'd explain it here, very short, in easy terms

    (Note that the skillchains only start getting interesting from lvl 10 and up, because before that players lack the weapon skill)

    So, whats a renkei? Basicly it's players coordinating their weaponskill attacks (the ones u use TP for).
    First thing u have to do is print out this page =>

    When ur in a group, u ask every melee character what weaponskills they have.
    Then u can go search the renkei table and find a suetable chain.

    So lets suppose u have a monk, warrior and thief in the group.
    the monk uses h2h, the warrior 1h sword and the thief dagger.

    A possible chain would be : combo -> burning blade -> wasp sting

    Wow, explained very easily :

    Monk does combo -> wait 3 seconds -> warrior does burning blade -> wait 3 seconds -> thief does wasp sting.

    Does'nt sound too hard now, does it?

    To make it even easier, u should all make macros like /p my TP <tp>
    so that the chain starter can see if everyone has sufficient TP to do the chain.

    Also make a macro for when u do ur weaponskill, like this
    1st line : /ws "Burning Blade" <t>
    2nd line: /p Performing Burning Blade !! <call2>

    So when u hit ur weaponskill, the next player knows when to count 3 seconds to do his weaponskill.
    <call2> makes a little sound, wich makes it easier in the chaos of battle to know when to do ur weaponskill in the renkei.

    Important note : if u dont pull of ur weaponskill after the previous player within the time limit of 3-4 seconds the renkei will fail !!!
    Do it too soon, and it will fail too.

    Its alot of fun to have a group working together, everyone doing their part in the skillchain.
    There's also the magic burst wich u pull of during renkei, but im too tired to explain it too

    Any questions about the macros and stuff, just post them.

    I hope this has helped some players understanding a bit better how to do renkei
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  2. Elvo^Rylu

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    By Sharma:
    Ok to sum up:

    ok here goes

    magic burst is a bit harder to do then just the skillchain because of the timing

    but first things first

    lets take a very easy low lvl chain for example : performed by 2 1h warriors
    fast blade -> burning blade

    so now u go check on ur renkei chart ( ) and look up what kind of renkei it is
    u can see that fast blade -> burning blade is liquefaction (check the arrows)

    now, every renkei is bound to an elemental

    scission -> earth
    liquefaction -> fire
    impaction -> thunder
    induration -> ice
    reverberation -> water
    shrinkage -> dark
    transfixion -> light
    detenation -> wind

    fusion -> fire or light
    distortion -> water or ice
    fragmentation -> wind or thunder
    gravitation -> gravity or earth

    so we see that liquefaction = fire elemental, so the blm has to cast fire during the renkei

    the timing : the mage has 5 seconds to cast his spell IF his magic burst is at the end of the chain
    if u start doing longer chains like fast blade -> burning blade -> flat blade the mage only has 1 second to do his spell on the second WS
    thats the hard part, but dont worry, if the spell is too late, it wont screw up the renkei like it does with a wrong weaponskill

    so recap : fast blade -> second WAR waits 3 seconds -> burning blade -> BLM waits (not longer then 5 secs) -> Fire spell

    if u do it correctly, the spell will be amplified 2x to 10x wich is pretty impressive

    note : whm's can do magic bursts too with cure(Or banish as Trist has suggested), u just have to match the elemental, afaik cure is light elemental

    remember the timing, coordinate it, practice with ur group and u'll get it right


    and the chart at


    Using Jaxal's example as a time-schedule:

    00 sec - P1 readies "Fast Blade" (thus P2 starts counting 3 secs)
    01 sec -
    02 sec -
    03 sec - P2 readies "Burning Blade" (thus P3 starts counting 3 secs)
    04 sec - Liquefaction Renkei Effect + Mage starts casting Fire
    05 sec -

    06.0 sec - Renkei Effect over + Mage's Fire activated = MAGIC BURST!
    06.5 sec - P3 readies "Flat Blade"

    07 sec - Fusion Renkei Effect
    08 sec -
    09 sec - Renkei Effect Over + Mage starts casting Fire
    10 sec -
    11 sec -
    12 sec - Mage's Fire Activated = MAGIC BURST!

    The window for mid-renkei Magic burst is just 1 sec, while it's 5 secs after the Renkei chain.

    ( to sum it up: timing for mid-renkei magic bursts is a bitch )
    ( notice: all timing uses actual activation of the effect, not the 'readies' part )

    more info at: ( copy/paste - he doesn't like hot-linking )
  3. Elvo^Rylu

    Elvo^Rylu Fledgling Freddie

  4. Whisperess

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    The original example with Combo > Burning > Wasp Sting works, but a 3-step level 1 Renkei isn't as powerful as a Level 2 Renkei (afaik, please prove me wrong if I am) so I would suggest:

    Burning Blade > Combo and then the Dagger dude just use his skill whenever.

    Or, you get another sword user in the fray and make two teams like:

    1. Burning Blade > Combo
    2. Fast Blade > Gust Slash

    Or make this chain:

    Gust Slash > Fast Blade > Burning Blade > Combo = very dead mob.

    Just some tips :)
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    ooooo cool ill try that just got 2 10 sword on my character :> but i want a big ass axe but cant find 1 and none of the peeps talk :(
  6. Elvo^Rylu

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    oi, also last important thing.

    Remember to count in Mob weakness when finding a renkei, eg. a Liquefaction or Fusion renkei, wont work very well against a Fire elemental.

    While a Water renkei would be great, maybe even combined with a Water MB.

    EDIT: And you can have several MB's on 1 renkei.
  7. ECA

    ECA I am a FH squatter

    If its burstable by two elementals, ifs a level 2 skillchain.

    There ARE level 3 skillchains also, dont know of any yet though, presumable need higher level weapon skills ^_^.
  8. Whisperess

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    Fusion > Fragmentation = Light
    Fragmentation > Fusion = Light

    Gravitation > Distortion = Darkness
    Distortion > Gravitation = Darkness

    --= Light =--
    Fusion styles can be found at 225 skill on:
    Axe - for WAR/BST
    Spear - for DRG
    Archery/Marksmanship for Ranger
    and 220 skill on Clubs for WHM.

    Fragmentation styles can be found at 225 skill on:
    Grapple - for MNK
    Dagger - for THF
    2h Sword - for PLD/DRK

    --= Darkness =--
    Gravitation styles can be found at 225 skill on:
    1h Sword - for PLD
    Katana - for NIN

    Distortion styles can be found at 225 skill on:
    2h axe - for WAR
    Scythe - for DRK

    If anyone at all have any information apart from the names for the new weaponskills that are questable ( got added this patch ) - PLEASE let me know - they are the only ones I'm missing in my charts :)
  9. Whisperess

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    Just found the info I was looking for on this one, and in a way I was wrong. ( and in another way I wasn't ^^ )

    Given that we're using the same elemental throughout the chain ( thus same mob weakness vs element applies, but it's just a simplification ) the damage table looks like this:

    Skillchain damage:
    Renkei Level           2-chain         3-chain          4-chain
          1                   50%             60%              75%
          2                   60%             75%             100%
          3                  100%            150%             200%
    ( Give a way to do proper tables, or atleast replace the "Code:" part with whatever text you want! )

    Let's say each style does 100 damage ( I wish :rolleyes: ):

    Performing a 3-step level 1 renkei would then do:
    100 + 150 + 160 = 410 damage.

    Performing a 3-step level 2 renkei would do:
    100 + 150 + 175 = 425 damage.

    while a 2-step level 2 renkei with an added third hit would do:
    100 + 160 + 100 = 360 damage.

    So to find the 'best' renkei vs a certain mob, try to make it as high level with as long chain as possible that encompass the element your target is weak againt. Preferrably finish that renkei with the hardest hitting style ( to gain the most skillchain damage ).

    However, sometimes ( more often than not ) it's worth doing shorter chains to keep the momentum up on the chains ( not having to wait for everyone, less chance of a timing failure etc ). Then I would suggest keeping it to a 2-chain ( or 2-player ) with as high level possible that fit the element your target is weak to.

    Hope this helps anyone.
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  11. Deathspike

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    never heard of this game before :(
  12. Wonk

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    isnt this a PVE game? and arent you sick of going round killing mobs all the time? give Faction vs faction! :D

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