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  1. Cloowwwnnn

    Cloowwwnnn Guest


    I'm a lazy bugger, yes I am. And my computer is under a folding desk, which completely closes up. What I want is a remote control for my shuttle. I wanna be able to play movies and music and stuff, pretty much control my shuttle a little bit like my hifi or tv. Is there such thing?

    Cheers big ears!
  2. Jonty

    Jonty Guest

    Hi Cloowwwnnn

    There are plenty of solutions which can help you achieve what you want to do. Shuttle produce their own, but you needn't feel confined to their solution, as you don't need anything special just because you're running a Shuttle.

    The accessory is called the PN31 and features ...

    It can be picked up for around £23.50. Other solutions also exist, although I'm not too sure of their prices.

    Kind Regards
  3. Cloowwwnnn

    Cloowwwnnn Guest

    Oooh, you rock!

    Do you think there is such thing as turning the computer on from remote, or would that be taking it out of standby or something? Standby on my computer is fake, it's just as noisy as when it's on. Does anyone else here use a remote or are you not as lazy as me? :)

    Only really wanna control Winamp and my movie player.
  4. xane

    xane Guest

    Get a remote keyboard for it and use that, I'm sure there's a BIOS setting that you can fire up a PC from "off" with the keyboard nowdays.

    Make sure its an RF one, not IR as that wont work through a door.
  5. Cloowwwnnn

    Cloowwwnnn Guest

    Can anyone see if their shuttle has a BIOS option to turn on from keyboard button? Me cannae do it from work :)
    Oh, and what other solutions were you thinking about Jonty?
  6. xane

    xane Guest

    I have an Athlon Shuttle (SN41G2) and the BIOS settings are under Integrated Peripherals, you can designate a hotkey to power on the PC, but thinking about it I am not actually sure that this will work through a remote keyboard, after all, the remote unit connected to a powered down PC is not going to be active and wont get the signal.
  7. Cloowwwnnn

    Cloowwwnnn Guest

    Mine doesn't have that setting :(

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