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Dec 24, 2003

Wondering if any of you chaps had this problem:

Basically a few months back my PC would reboot itself just as it would get to the user profile selection screen, sometimes it would get through and work normally. Other times it would open a pop up window with a message along the lines of "One of the registry values had to be repaired from an old entry. The operation was successful" (i'll update with the full message when i get home)

Now since then i've formatted my PC several times, i'm now at the stage where boot up is stable, everything runs fine but this error message appears every now and then, also my XP Pro visual elements have totally dissapeared leaving me in classic format.

After searching the interwebnet a bit i've read several things, some say it's to do with RAM chips, others nvidia drivers, others registry entry problems.

None of these have fixed it, to be honest i haven't tried removing a RAM chip but im reluctant to do so as they're both still working fine and this error randomly appeared.

Like i say my PC runs ok now (just seems like it might go haywire any day now) it's just an extremely annoying problem that seemingly came from nowhere.

Anyone else experienced this or have any ideas?

3Gig cpu
geforce 6800 card (iirc)
2 x 512meg DDR RAM
2 x hdd (8gig and 120gig)


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