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Fledgling Freddie
Mar 5, 2005
HI all , we at Nosferatu reges, have decide the future of ''reges'' has come to an end :( due to our GM being inactive for some time now :(

WE have decided to keep '' reges'' active still with our BG 1 chars. just incase our original GM comes bk, ( which we all hope she dose ).

WE are hoping all our members swap over to ''Reborn '' and join the new revolution. Also we are looking out for players that like the smaller less '' hardcore'' guilds to have an even mix of pve / RvR fun..

Most of our members are only casual players, are friendly and mature,
so if the big guns aint ur type of thing, come join us...... :cheers:


Fledgling Freddie
Sep 25, 2004
Good luck guys :D hope u get some nice members in... a very great bounch of guys/girls!! :D


One of Freddy's beloved
Jan 22, 2004
Nice 1 slug, didn't expect it :p

As slug said, we are on the look out for new players to join our ranks. Also, to join the fun and laughter we all have within the guild. Nothing has changed from the original <Nosferatu Reges>, just the fact we have a new name.

We will only recruit people who respect others and enjoy the game, join in the laughter and fun we all have within the guild. All new members have a 2 week trial period, so that we can decide if you 'fit in' the guild and also and mainly, if you like it in our guild. Within the 2 week trial, you'll be able to do everything a full member can, join raids etc to get to know us. Most of our members are adults, with the age range from 16 - 50, most are over 18, so hope you can understand why we expect new people to be mature.

We're a smallish guild but we make the most of everything. Whether it be PvE which would include ToA, Catacombs or the good ol' quests in SI etc, we do it. Arti raids, ML pre's etc, nps, we do it. We also have our fun in RvR, defending Alb keeps/towers or adventuring into Hib/Mid land, we do it! :)

We are looking for any classes, its not that we're desperate, as we're very stable, it's more 'we have a home for everyone' kind of thing :)

If your interested, drop me or an Officer a PM in-game or visit our site in geeza's post, sign up and post a bit about ur self on the recruitment section.

Thanks :drink:

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