Reavers and Wild Arcana

Discussion in 'Albion' started by vestax, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. vestax

    vestax Guest

    My Reaver is currently 50 SR and once I find someone selling an RA respec I will go for Wild Arcana 2 or 3.

    Insta Dot will crit = Nothing special, 50 damage per tick woohoo
    Dot Procs will crit = Nice but hardly worth getting Wild Arcana just for this
    AE Absorb Debuff will crit (from -15% to a max of -23%) = ok now were talking :eek:

    Armour Absorb Values:

    Cloth 0%
    Leather 10%
    Studded 19%
    Chain 27%

    Cloth 0%
    Leather 10%
    Reinforced 19%
    Scale 27%

    As you can see -23% Absorb debuff would be very nasty, basically turning a Savage or Zerker into a caster without any absorb sheilds up.

    AE Damage debuff will crit (Not sure of the vaule of this, delve is #. Heard on the Reaver VN boards that this doesnt actually lower damage done to you, it actually debuffs the enemy's Weaponskill.. just doesn't display it. I have used this in the beginning of duels against mercs and there damage is significantly lower than normal, that's when they actually stop missing)

    Now if a Reaver had purge, max body resists and a sorc/mincer willing to unmez him occasionally he could be a great benefit for the "alb melee group" as the damage increase for all the mercs would be rather large.

    Flame away and don't give me that "no det" crap, 4 tanks with no det would suck, 3 tanks with det and 1 without wouldn't.
  2. old.Bubble

    old.Bubble Guest

    Sounds good if it would work
    Not sure if its worth the 8 points just for a 10% chance at doing more damage

    Not having Det is a sucky reason for not inviting Hybrids, since they all have purge and your sorc should win at least 1 mez war (or replace him/her) :)
  3. Fafnir

    Fafnir Guest

    You reavers should thank the Thanes that gave feedback to mythic so they could make your class instead of fixing the Thane class.
  4. vestax

    vestax Guest

    <passes Fafnir a tissue>
  5. voltage

    voltage Guest

    I had WA 1 at one stage, best thing was DoT procc'ing, but auras dont last long enough for a crit one to make a difference - you do 8% more damage for one swing? woo.

    edit: for an assist train this would be pretty evul no doubt, just think there are better things to spend RA points on.
  6. vestax

    vestax Guest

    1 swing?

    Aura of the Inevitable
    Spell line: Absorption Debuff (Pulsing PBAOE Chant)
    Target's armor absorption (ABS) is lowered, allowing them to be more easily damaged in melee combat. Spell affects all enemies in the immediate radius of the caster. Only one chant can be active at a time; multiple chants can be "twisted", or activated and deactivated repeatedly overlapping in effect, but at the cost of draining the caster's endurance. This chant also uses the caster's power and will end when the caster is drained of power. Casting the chant again while it is running deactivates it.

    Absorption penalty: 15%
    Target: Enemy Target
    Radius: 350
    Damage type: Spirit
    Duration: 10 seconds (Pulsing)
    Power cost: 20
    Power cost per round of spell: 16
    Casting time: Instant
    Recast time: 8 seconds

    Lasts for 10 secs and repulses every 8 sec.

    3.3 spd weapon means u can get off 3 hits within 10 secs with high qui or haste buff.

    But yeah i see your point. Would need WA3 + for it to be most effective.
  7. old.Bubble

    old.Bubble Guest

    Spirit Type attack
    Which means against mids it will last for 4 seconds
  8. Fafnir

    Fafnir Guest

    Bah, gifv thanes WA.
  9. Qwegji-

    Qwegji- Guest

    Havent got it yet, but Im thinking about giving lvl 2 a try.

    Kellindrill has lvl 2 of it and seems to like it, looking at some of his posts. Not sure I would take it to lvl 3 tho as there is a lot of other useful things to get.
  10. Garaen

    Garaen Guest

    Aye sounds interesting, i'll personally go for IP, Purge, UTOS and some passives first (If i ever get that high RR :eek: ). But could have quite interesting results.
  11. Sparda_soul

    Sparda_soul Guest

    im tinkering with the idea of that but changed my mind to this

    next patch mastery of arms gets fixed that at lvl 2 + 25% hase from ToA stuff means with a 4.0 flex i can do levis at 2.35

    now give me spec dex buffs and im hitting the melee speed cap

    so in 1 slam i should be able to get up to 6 levis off but 5 is a more realstic number after misses, fumbles ect

    for like 6 points more then you willing to spend , 0 if your going to get level 3, and some item farming in ToA your doing about 3600 points of damage after 1 slam if all 6 levis hit ( based on my average levi damage)

    no healer can out live that tbh , you causeing more damage then can be healed which imo is better then a 15% chance to do 8% more damage

    but at the end of the day hes you caracter play him how ever you want, and imo there should be at least 1 reaver in every tank assist grp.

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