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Discussion in 'Master of Orion 3' started by Karl [DAOC], May 6, 2003.

  1. Karl [DAOC]

    Karl [DAOC] Guest

    is it really that bugged?
    so i hear
  2. .Cask

    .Cask Guest

    My attention didn't last long enough to figure out how to play it. Which is a real shame as I enjoyed MoO2 a lot and was really looking forward to this.

    My attention span is probably bested by those goldfish that live (for not very long) in plastic bags, though.
  3. A lot of expected features seems to be left out or is poorly implemented, but I haven’t had any system crash bugs yet. After finding out how the space combat is handled I now find the game rather addicting even though the AI newer imposes any threat no matter which difficulty level I choose.

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