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Loyal Freddie
Jan 30, 2004
Casbardh flicked the screwed up ball of parchment of his desk, it bounced off the floor and landed in the corner of the room. So quiet!

Not only was it quiet in the Barracks in Camelot, as all the men had been depolyed, it was also amazingly quiet in the frontiers. The realms keep guards had had the easiest few days they could ever remember.

And meanwhile, aggressive patrols in Odins and Emaine had met the same ghostly quiet. Everyone was away in the ships. Sitting in the office, with a paltry pile of papers in front of him, he sighed.

He had been promised a posting soon, and he couldnt wait. He'd heard little about the new isles bar the treasures that awaited. Stories of the monsters were circling, but it was all word of mouth. He hadnt seen anyone who had actually met and returned there, that he knew well enough with who he could invest in a deep discussive conversation.

In the corridor outside the office, a large set off foot steps closed, and passed the door. In the room, dust fell from the ceiling. There really was going to be some implications in providing barrack blocks for these half-ogres. Longer beds, bigger blankets, strengthened floors and ceilings! Not to mention the need for more food to feed these new physical brutes. He didnt think the command had really considered the logisitics of introducing these new troops to the ranks. He didnt even know of any crafters in Camelot who could provide weapons large enough!

Pondering these details, he began accounting for the ammunition expenditure, and the payment of the wagon master for the last supply run up to Erasleigh.

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