Ranks of Fireleaf (Order)


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Oct 22, 2004
I suddenly woke up covered in freezing water from the, now empty bucket my master is holding, he yells, "Time is short, use it on something better then sleeping my friend, we need new recruits, so grap the bell and start yelling!"

*Walks out in the cold windy Nothernland with the heavy rusty bell in my one hand, and a wooden board saying "Fireleaf, your Salvation from Chaos" in the other*


The ranks of Fireleaf needs you, your brothers and your sisters, in the fight against the endless hordes of evil scouring these lands, if we are to have any peace for our coming generations!


Hello Everyone

Me and a couple of my real life friends (6 to be exact) started a guild called Fireleaf here a few days ago, its roots started back in the early World of Warcraft, but after we moved here to Warhammer Online we thought it would be a good idea to keep the same name if there should be any former WoW players out there remembering our name.

our age is from 22 to 25 as far as i remember, but basicly our aim is not around peoples age but rather how mature they are acting, thats also the reason why we chose Roleplaying servers both back in WoW and now here in Warhammer, to limit the amount of people going around saying "l0lz, pwnz0r, xD, ^^".

If your a lonely player, wondering aimlessly around and thinking of trying something small, cosy and friendly and based on what you have read so far, you can either reply to this mail or contact one of the people in Fireleaf.

Thanks for your time.


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