Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by D0LLySh33p, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. D0LLySh33p

    D0LLySh33p Fledgling Freddie

    /me moves house to here.
  2. I love you man.
  3. [=*UKK*=] Yaesu*

    [=*UKK*=] Yaesu* Fledgling Freddie


    nice arse dont you think?

  4. Pro]v[etheus

    Pro]v[etheus Fledgling Freddie

    Welcome aboard sheepy :clap:
  5. Ch3tan

    Ch3tan I aer teh win!!

    You've ascended to Freddy like the rest of us, hurrah!
  6. Pippa666

    Pippa666 Fledgling Freddie

    Welcome Dolly, I wondered when u were gonna get here, btw Merry Christmas :bazbeer:
  7. Maljonic

    Maljonic Can't get enough of FH

    good luck
  8. [=*UKK*=] Yaesu*

    [=*UKK*=] Yaesu* Fledgling Freddie

    you'll need it hehe

  9. Maljonic

    Maljonic Can't get enough of FH

    I have it
  10. SparKeh

    SparKeh Fledgling Freddie

    /me waves to d0lly .o/

    where's adz been hiding?
  11. D0LLySh33p

    D0LLySh33p Fledgling Freddie

    He's growing a beard in SWG.

    And he'll be violating me tonight.


    Well, going out on the piss at least :D

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